Kids – You Just CAN’T Give Them Away Anymore

And TRUST me I’m trying. I’ve offered them to everyone, people I see…facebook, I have even considered putting them on eBay but have been told they no longer allow it.

But, for some reason everyone just looks at me and giggles, like I’m kidding, AS IF?! Who cares if they are all under the legal working age?
I need some relief maybe I should hire them out as chimney cleaners like they used to in the Victorian times… ~
oh a problem there neither of the boys would fit up a chimney.. ok time for a rethink.
Out of 48 days of School summer holidays there are 5 and a half days until they return to school. The first couple weeks weren’t so bad – I can take them in small doses – We were shopping, baking cakes and cookies and getting all excited about going to the park and other things I had organised– everyone was happy
(I also had the perfect disciplinary tool “you better not irritate me right before we go to the dockyard or castle” holiday, amusement park, etc – I use that one for about a week before we go out it shuts them up immediately)
But the powers that be must be getting me back for something, because now the threats are not working,

they worked out that I also wanted to go to these places so we were actually going to go regardless,
It has been a bad summer weather wise so every time I want to plan something the weather forecast looks bad. so it’s either raining or so hot that you can’t go out because you will either get burnt or sunstroke.. no halfway at the moment. which sucks – even our surprise holiday at the beach ( I hadn’t told the boys we were going I just packed the car the night before and told them we were going out for the day )I was on tenterhooks checking the forecast all the time, as a week before we went away I looked and there was rain forecast every day we were away, now we are back I am once again TRAPPED with 2 bored kids who just want to get out and use their scooters, balls, etc or a teenage nearly 20 yr old Girl sitting there on the sofa watching tv or on the pc  leaving a facebook status saying “Bored” . If I hear “I’m BORED one more time . . .”, If I say, “If I hear I’m bored one more time”, one more time I’m going to go live in my car.
Temps have risen a little each day but of course there is still the threat of rain… we are going out next week to stock them up with new school stuff and then of course it will be time to make sure all name tags are on. so if I can just hold in there a couple more days I can see light at the end of the tunnel and they will be back at school.,
Don’t get me wrong I love having them at home… I love having a break from the school runs but I hate having bored kids at home…

They are ready to go back to school and I am ready to have a break from them.  It will save all our sanity.


2 thoughts on “Kids – You Just CAN’T Give Them Away Anymore

  1. I’ve done really well up until this week, I’ve coped with the bad weather and the tantrums. We’ve not been out much (esp. after losing my car) but we’ve have birthdays and parties to keep us going. (Finally an advantage to having birthdays in the summer hols). this week has really taken the biscuit with fighting and boredom and tantrums on an hourly basis, never mind daily. I was dreading the end of the holidays but now I’m looking forward to it. Let the teachers deal with them!!

    • we have had loads of outings even taken Ali to see his peppa pig and today the gruffalo and monday we have one last trip out but i have run out of ideas now.. they are bored indoors and getting fed up with going out, seriously Ali needs routine again. He is on the verge of meltdown by the end of most days now.. he just needs routine now… school days are easy he wears the same as every one else so no worry about what to put on him.. his day is set out and he is happy..

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