Back to School



The boys have finished their first full week back at school and all my plans of getting the house sorted have basically not been achieved.


The first day they went back was a Thursday and we went out for a meal and a drink or two in the local, In my defence it was on the way to the school, we have decided that we will walk to collect them from school everyday (with the exception of Thursdays because they have beavers and cubs then and I wouldn’t have time to give them something to eat.) and the Jenny Wren is a halfway point… Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it.. ; )

In fact there hasn’t been a day when I have stayed in since they went back.. It’s been either shopping, picking up more school trousers as M & S only had a pair each for the boys at the time I got all their school bits so I thought I would pick up some cheap ones as extras from Tesco turns out the tesco ones came out a lot smaller so I ended up the next day taking the school trousers back and returning them for a size bigger in M & S and getting two pairs cheaper than I paid in Tesco’s go figure that one. Plus of course I have been shopping, oh and coffee with a friend oh and oh and oh and yes ok any excuse to go out we used it.


Both have come home loaded with homework but thankfully its not due in on monday as we have plans to go out tomorrow… its the Open day at the RAF Manston museum again tomorrow so we are going there with the boys and then going into the spitfire museum next door for lunch. As it goes Ali is doing is flight badge with beavers so it all goes towards that as he gets to sit inside all the cockpits plus he is going on the flight simulator and put that together with his concord experience at Brooklands he should be ok.


It does feel strange that they are back at school but then with only 101 days until Christmas time is flying past..


Roll on half term but in the mean time I may, just may get my house tidy again one day while they are out.


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