Germ ridden kids

We have had months without even a sniffle with the exception of the odd days hay fever. but  they have been back at school less than two full weeks and Ali is ill and I mean ILL. 

He started coughing the other day by last night he was feeling unwell.

I put him to bed as usual and then just as we were going to bed I checked on him and his breathing was so slow he was really struggling. He was awake and just lying there. 

I gave him his inhaler and he was still no better so we came downstairs and sat on the sofa so Alex wouldn’t be disturbed and so Allan could sleep,  I had decided by about 4.30am that I would give it another half hour and if he wasn’t settled by then I would take him up the hospital. 

Thankfully he went to sleep at which point I sat and watched him struggle to breath until my phone alarm went off to get Alex up. Once Alex was at school I spoke to the doctors who fitted him right in. It’s not as if I am one of those paranoid mothers who is always taking their kids to the doctors (with the exception of asthma clinic Ali has never been in his life) As he has only ever been admitted to hospital before when paramedics have taken him, anyway the doctor prescribed some antibiotics and he has to use his inhaler and the preventer’s.

He is still feeling rough but sounding a lot better, tonight we will see if it’s helping in the meantime I wish all those mothers who send their germ ridden snotty kids to school would provide tissues and teach their kids how to use them or keep them off school.

To you they may just get a slight cold,  to me it is a lot more serious for my son,

it’s a matter of life and breath!


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