I was Never like that… Im sure I wasnt.. ever………….. Never…….

Of course I’m referring to my step daughter Amber, Not even technically my step daughter… I’m not sure where she falls when it comes to relationship, She is Allan’s step daughter from his first… (only) wives first marriage..
He took on Amber as his own when he married his wife at the time… although they were only living together a few years he carried on seeing amber along with his daughter with his wife Tamara , and here we are now… she has finally slip with her boyfriend that she lived with for a year and come to live with dad…….

the first few months she hardly went out but now… she is never in… ok she will be 20 next March but she is a very young 20 yr old.

When she first started going out Allan used to get hold of her to find out what time she would be in.. He has given up on it now…
The clothes she wears would make any prostitute jealous.. I’m not a prude by any means and yes I wore short skirts when I was that age… but Seriously I was never that bad..  And I knew how to sit… I mean seriously she can be on the sofa and sitting there legs wide apart with short shorts on and leaving nothing to the imagination… Wings on show is not a good look at certain times of the month… You should tell a 5 yr old to sit in a more lady like position you shouldn’t have to tell a nearly 20 yr old.

Anyways… As I was saying now she goes out in the morning and comes back in the morning.. usually making the dog bark when it’s about 3.30am… I always leave a meal for her in the microwave but she has been known to take some fish fingers or something round her friends house at the bottom of the road…

Yes I was young once but I did know how to compose myself… And If I came back covered in love bites even one on my neck I coped hell…. She came home covered in them and not just the neck… not a good look and very hard to explain to an 8 yr old when he is asking about them.  It actually got to the point where Allan has had to speak to her boyfriend about them… fair enough she doesn’t look like a complete tramp now but close…

we even have extra lodgers… she has been scratching her head and everywhere else stupid for the last few weeks, funny enough since she started hanging around with her friends and boyfriend up the road.

anyway a check the other day revealed head lice… well that would explain the mad itching… I have checked again and not found any more but Have still been out and bought the treatment… if for nothing else but peace of mind that if the boys get them I can now treat them straight away. 

I think the straw that broke the camels back was today… first of all I went to brush my hair… bearing in mind its very short so I know it’s not my hair in it… The brush was covered in black hair… Not mine..

The just after we had got the boys home, She came in… went to the first aid box and opened it and starting looking through it… “what you done”? says Allan… oh it’s not for me… it’s for Alfie down the road, I need a big plaster that will cover his elbow as he has hurt himself….   ok I am one of these people who likes to keep a well stocked first aid box… one of the things you learn when you have a big family. And it’s not that long really since Alex did his elbow and I like to keep some spare big dressings because he scar looks still quite fragile so to speak. I reckon one fall and it would open again and I want to be prepared and of course for any other accidents that may happen… 
Anyway as it goes there was two of the big ones we bought for Alex… ok they don’t break the bank but lets face it they are at least £2 each  and you have to go to a chemist… of course we all know accidents never happen at reasonable hours when everything is open… that’s just sods law.

If she had said first it wouldn’t have narked me so much its the fact that she just helped herself to them for someone else…    of course had she asked we would have said yes if there is enough there..
Anyway Allan gave her the dressing and off she went… and at the time of writing this 2am she still hasn’t been back in..

This Morning we couldn’t resist it when she came in last night about 3.45am we know it was after 3.30am because Vickie has been with us a few days on the sofa and she didn’t settle to sleep or at least try to until after half three.. 

My Facebook status this morning…

Karma is playing rock music FULL BLAST at 9am once the boys have gone to school, and getting your own back on a certain young lady who wakes us up when she comes in at about 3.30am in the morning 🙂

despite the fact that Allan has told her to tidy her room up as its was a tip and he couldn’t even get to the bed to put some bits away as it’s a storage bed… and made her tidy the bathroom as she usually leaves that a mess… yes this is me moaning the least house proud person going but come on.. pubes on soap is not a good thing in any house.. and none of us use soap..
I don’t know who to blame really,, the girl has no self-respect.. she will go off with anyone who pays her attention, she flirts like mad with all the lads…. dresses in very short skirts, shorts etc and pulls them up… rolls her t-shirt up at the bottom as well as pulling it down at the top so half her bra is always on show..
Like I said she has no idea how to sit.. or anything..  the constant scratching of her head or other places past the waistband… is driving me nuts… she has a cold and we get the most disgusting sound effects going when she is snorting away or trying to bring phlegm up , seriously a docker would be put to shame…  

Now neither of my girls acted this way ever , I never acted this way… surely it’s not normal now for young ladies to be like this with no self-respect or manners
oh look at me talking… even with my past I honestly don’t think I was like that…   Was I???

I’m now just wondering at what age it stops being child abuse and starts being assault.. because the next time I see her walking around with her boobs and bra hanging out all covered in love bits… and her skirt or dress rolled up so much you can see the crutch of her knickers and her bum from the back view… (she honestly can’t see this and thinks we are having a go at her all the time) 
The next time I have to say to her sit properly the boys don’t want to see everything.
The next time she comes in at silly hours of the morning and wakes up the boys and everyone else in the house…
I want to slap her….
Sorry just really narked and in one of those moods today..

Found some pics of when I was in my late teens and how I dressed, even as a fancy dress outfit… I covered up more…

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2 thoughts on “I was Never like that… Im sure I wasnt.. ever………….. Never…….

  1. You know my opinion on her behaviour already, but, in case it slipped your mind, remember that Alex Kingston described Amber in two wonderful words this week. Also, it takes 48 muscles to frown, 9 to smile and 1 bicep to extend your arm and slap her round her stupid head! Also, in passing, I would like to draw your attention to the tags list associated with this blog. Are you trying to tell me something? Your tags are: Alex, Ali, Allan, Amber, Facebook, family, karma, love bites, Manners, self respect, tart, Vickie. It starts so well, full of lovely tags, then descends into a description of me!!! lmao Cheeky sod. Xxx

    • rofpmsl I had to re read to see why you got a mention but I think it was because you were a witness to the morning event lol I would so love to slap her one but not down to me… although name and shame comes to mind… I may just tag her in the next picture I take of said minging bathroom or soap that she leaves… karma I so love it

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