Why do people have to tell so many bloody lies???

Why do people have to tell so many bloody lies or come out with so much shite…

Do they really think we actually believe it? Do they believe it themselves?


To me its water off a ducks back I am so used to people talking shit I can spot it a mile off.

It’s like a built-in liedar  that I have now. Call it my super power!

Put it down to living with my ex who couldn’t tell the truth if a meteor fell out the sky and hit him he would say it was a bus


Those that say “Oh I’ve not talked to them in ages” when you know bloody well they only spoke to them in the morning

Or others who make up some elaborate story because if truth is known they simply can’t mange to live on their own so have given up and decided to move back in with family.

Really I do actually understand why you are doing this I just wish you would bloody admit it instead of all that crap about selling houses and then getting social housing flats… and then house exchanges or not as the case my be.. or maybe…


Then there are the ones who tell you they can’t reply to you because they don’t have access to that account, be it twitter or facebook when you know they do as you can see it right in front of your eyes…

I know your facebook account is there I can see it… I mention it once and oh look its been deactivated… well actually no it hasn’t been deactivated, you blocked me but what you forget is that I may have booked marked your profile and gone on general search and found it without being logged into my account or used Allan’s account … its simple you just say bollocks don’t want you on that friend list.. or I decided to not use it but leave it running… Why fucking lie about it… you see I don’t care if you are there or not… I care about being lied to..


But then I am not the only one who sees through your manipulative ways as well, you see your friends talk to me, They are finding it hard to understand why you come out with so much shit as well. They have worked out a long time ago what a liar you are!

Even your own husband knows what a Liar you are… why he puts up with it I have no idea!


Then you have the people you really don’t want in your life but someone else does… you know that person who upsets a close friend all the time because they lie to her… tell her they are not in contact with another person when not only do you know its an outright lie they do… The person I mention is someone who I actually blocked because I can’t stand the woman.. I mean I swear but this woman has the biggest potty mouth going and can upset half the town with her bollocks, but because a mutual friend of both potty mouth and my good friend keeps telling my friend (gets confusing don’t it.. try it from my point of view I have no idea what I’m doing half the time 😆 ) that she don’t have contact with potty mouth any more… so I unblock potty mouth and lo and behold I can see everyone comment on said mutual friends wall, and it just proves once again what a liar she is. And now the good friend is hurt… Personally I don’t give a toss about your lies but I do care that a friend is hurting…

tell the truth… there is no law that says you can’t have more that one friend… why lie…


Are you getting my drift here… I hate liars who lie to get themselves out of the shit or when they have been caught out… I hate people who exaggerate the truth, I hate people who make up bollocks because they have nothing better to talk about. I hate people who lie to make you feel sorry for them.


Tell the truth why don’t you… It wont hurt… who knows people may even like the real you!


These people I am going to start blocking from my life… I don’t need liars I can’t be doing with them. If you don’t have something interesting to say then shut up… Don’t make up a load of crud

there are some people in this world that would tell you its 100° outside when there is two foot of snow laying on the ground… Seriously do they think that everyone will believe them?

Do they believe it themselves?


The Lies and bollocks that I was told this morning really is the straw that broke the camels back…

I take no pleasure in proving you wrong and proving you are a liar…
I do it to make everyone else see what a freaking liar you are!!


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