The Dreaded Lurgy!!

What is it with kids and their ability to pass on their germs with such ease. Ever since she moved in with us Amber has had a constant cold, mind you even when she was little they were always sniffing and coughing. she gave it to Ali first and he was really bad now he has got over it I have now contracted the ‘dreaded lurgy’ ie I have a sore throat, headache and that lovely feeling like someone is sitting on your chest!! this morning when I woke up I felt like my lungs were being squashed flat….

I really feel like poop. The problem is this is the same time as last year when I got bronchitis or pneumonia depending on which doctor at the time you were listening too the last one who finally gave me the right antibiotics and with the Prednisolone decided that it was indeed pneumonia and I should of been in hospital anyway as I was saying the problem is I am terrified of getting it back again, I have distanced myself from anyone with germs.. the boys have been fine .. Now the germs have entered the house and here I am with the Lurgy..


For those who don’t know what The Lurgy it. . I will explain, it’s not a cold and it’s not the flu’ but something in-between. A general feeling of not-wellness, often manifesting as snotters and croaky voice, a cough that can be “productive” but also dry. Aching bones, zero energy and a desire to crawl back into bed and stay there. It ebbs and flows like a pestilential (is that even a word?) tide. You think you’re on the mend and then it’s back.

I have the lurgy, and the worse thing about having a lurgy is that I know full well there are plenty of things I can dose myself up with on the market but non of them really work and I have to be careful what I take because of my asthma. So most of the time its a get on with things but feel terrible kinda feeling…


Unlike Man Flu this means I still have to get on with everything from getting the kids up and off to school to doing dinner, washing etc.. picking kids up and helping with home learning.. you know .. Life goes on!

 Although this may be the reason why I am taking everything to heart at the moment..  I feel crap!  Its one of those I want my mummy feelings but she’s not here!


I know one thing I am going to go to bed early if I get the chance!


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