We Need to Get A Round Tuit!

How many times have you said, “I’ll do it when I get around to it.” Yeah, me too – dozens or hundreds of times.


Well Allan is the worst person in the world when it comes to doing diy  jobs.

He has a  kind of procrastination of odd jobs


For example, Yesterday Allan finally got around to mounting the tv back on the wall and putting up a new shelf in the boys room after Alex knocked the whole wall mounted tv off the wall about what 6 months ago, I bought the new bracket and wood thingy…well mdf what ever you call it several months ago, put it aside, and of course he said I’ll do it when I…you guessed it…got around to it.


Well, I finally decided that yesterday was the day to do it. I think it took him all of five minutes to actually drill the holes and put the tv back up on the wall , But first he had to get the drill, hammer, screw driver, drill bits, level, etc. Once the project was done, I felt a huge sense of relief that something was now off my list of things that he needs to do. They now have a new shelf so the virgin plus box fits on it nicely along with the xbox, Yes he finally decided to give up the xbox… only because for some reason the dvd bit on the tv wouldn’t work and out of the 10 or 20 dvd players and recorders etc we have up in the loft… (I kid you not) he couldn’t remember which one actually worked. so as the xbox plays dvds as well it seemed the best option, Not the xbox 360 I might add, that stays downstairs… we are talking about the original xbox that went up in the attic when we got the 360, The one that Allan said they boys could have in their room when they were older, we have over 100 games for it so that should keep them occupied for a while. I know they have the 360 downstairs and the wii but the problem with those is if they want to play on them we cant watch tv and vice versa… Actually it will be nice to be able to tell them to watch their stuff upstairs now once again freeing our tv for our programs


Even Allan admitted last night was so much better as they could go up and watch something and we could watch our quizzes


“Why did he wait so long to do it?”


Hmmm Now what else is on the Round Tuit list



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