I have always checked the boy’s hair Meticulously,

I buy Vosene anti nit shampoohttp://www.vosene.co.uk/vosene-kids/conditioning-shampoo-250ml/ to use on them one bottle used to last at least a month but not anymore .

i am going through a bottle a week because she is using it constantly, and thankfully we have never had unwanted lodgers in the household

UNTIL my nearly 20 yr old step daughter moved in….

Thats not true until she started hanging around with certain people in the village… since then she has had them twice….

well this afternoon she came in yet again and asked me to check her hair because she had found one on her arm……..

arrrrhhhhh I gave her the nit lotion I had in the cupboard and told her to get it on and keep away from the boys , I mean seriously I don’t want them getting nits… I don’t want nits..

I don’t want her using my hairbrush… we have had this discussion many times… so when she came in today with head lice yet AGAIN I gave her the final warning in front of her friend… Keep away from nitty people…… keep away from the boys…

I don’t want them getting them… she asked if I could by some more nit lotion… NO I say but you can go to the doctors and get some on prescription, or buy your own……
this reminded me of a blog I saw the other day… and It made me laugh because I sooooo relate to the reluctant mom in more ways than one after all I am More of a Reluctant Housewife really

If THIS letter went home with your kid – would there be any misunderstanding? I think not. If I was in charge, this is the letter I’d want to write AND send home.


September 6, 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are sending this letter to all parents to help educate you about head lice so that you can take steps at home to help prevent your child from contracting head lice. But it’s not that simple.

This is also a formal way to beg those of you who aren’t doing your due diligence at home to get rid of it and stop sending your infested kid to school with it to get your shit together.

Sure, we all know that head lice don’t spread disease and are not a serious medial condition, but GODDAMN if it doesn’t feel like the plague, right? Those stubborn little fuckers are tricky, opportunistic and…

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