The Great Storm…. 1987……….. 25 years on

It was the morning after the night before that no one will ever forget.

People across Kent were waking up to the devastation left by the Great Storm of 1987 exactly 25 years ago today.

Winds of more than 130 miles-an-hour battered the county, flattening trees and ripping tiles from rooves roofs ?  not sure on that one!

How did it affect me, We had two fatalities in the house

At the time there was only myself, My Husband and my three oldest… Daniel who was 2 and the twins who were 1, All of them slept right through the storm…

I was woken up in the night and thought wow its windy out there and went back to sleep again. I woke at 6am and when I looked out the back as I was coming downstairs I could see every fence panel was down… the shed (which was packed out with stuff) was 4 ft away from the concrete base it once stood one. Luckily not one thing was damaged the fence panels were old and had just blown down flat so could all be fixed in the week that followed… the shed we had to empty… and then get 4 strong men to pick it up and put it back on its base and then re fill …. like I said not one thing was damaged inside it… I think to be honest what saved it was the fact that it was jam packed with stuff.. it stopped it being blown down the terrace of gardens which was the fate all our neighbours sheds had.


I came straight downstairs and opened the front door… We had a big purple beech tree out the front of our house… Emphasis on “Had” because this tree had blown over and was resting between my house and my neighbours house… we were both end of terrace and it was litterlly between our houses… if it had fallen 2 ft to the right it would have gone right through Daniels bedroom we were so lucky..

as it goes it had taken roof tiles off from the branches if it had blown the other way it would have crushed the car as that was parked next to it… again pure luck…


I went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee and noticed that the two budgies we had on top of the fridge freezer were going scatty in their cage flying from perch to perch constantly… and shaking..


After I had coffee I got the kids and my husband up and we watched the news of how the whole south of England had been hit by this hurricane storm what ever you want to call it.


I got the keys to my mum and dads house which we were watching for them while they were abroad in Zambia on a posting… I got there and apart from a few roof tiles and a tv aerial there was nothing wrong


I spoke to my mums next door neighbour who had lost his entire conservatory (my mum and dads was fine) and mentioned the budgies behaviour to him as he was a breeder and in fact where we had got the budgies from in the first place and he told me not to worry as it was probably shock and they would settle down soon.


I went home and lo and behold they were both dead at the bottom of the cage:

Our luck had run out.

Compared to some of the tragedy that happened that night I think someone or something was looking over our household… My children were safe and that is the most important thing.

I don’t think Michael Fish has ever lived this down…

His broadcast before hand

I think because of this weather forecast I have never truly taken much notice of them since.
despite the fact that he denies it wasn’t him


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