Pink Vs Blue………… teenagers and attention seeking……….. Blurgghhhhhhhh

I am probably going to sound really hard and harsh and have no heart but I really cant stand attention seeking threats to kill yourself. From experience of losing two very close friends Obviously not at the same time to suicide neither one said a word… neither even let on they had problems… neither told anyone they were in such a dark place they needed help, someone to talk to or were even contemplating taking their own life. Which is probably why it annoys me so much when people do post attention seeking status updates such as they are going to kill themselves.. or send you texts.


It’s normal for teenage girls to need attention and approval. However, attention-seeking becomes a problem when it happens all the time. to me it is trying to make tragedies out of trivial concerns to get your sympathy.

The way to handle it is to not to reply and beg them to not kill themselves. Give them the suicide prevention hotline number and stop talking to them. simple as….. Sorry but I see the same people threatening to kill themselves all the time… All they want is a mass of people telling them how much they are loved, and not to do it….


Allan is dealing with this at the moment, He knows better now than to ask me to interfere… I seriously have no sympathy for attention seeking… I do have sympathy for people who ask for help……….


You know I am sooooo glad I only have the boys to deal with now…..

I cant be doing with Teenage girls…….

I had two but I never had the problems Allan faces.


On the subject of teenage girls we have another battle on our hands.. the battle of the bedroom

when Amber moved in we cleaned out the bedroom bought her a new bed got her a wardrobe.. gave her a chest of draws etc she trashes the room every day… now bearing in mine she is 20 in march… at her age I had my own place… it was clean and tidy…


this is her bedroom… take my word for it I have actually cropped out personal items that no young lady should leave lying all over her bedroom floor… certainly not things a 6 and 8 yr old should see lying around.

this is before how I tidied it and with the brand new bed, mattress etc


this is her room AFTER I have picked up 5 dirty towels… actually that was why i went in there to get all the bath sheets that had gone missing .

  And yes that pillow and bedding is supposed to be white…… despite being asked continuously for her to strip the bed so I can get the bedcovers washed…… she has only done so once since July!  Im sorry but at nearly 20 I’m certainly not doing it for her

like I said this is the edited clean version… certain things were cropped out of view.


BLUE WINS HANDS DOWN!  Give me boys anytime…….. at least they strip their beds……….


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