It’s raining

While I have no objection to rain  I do wish that mother nature would take pity on us when It comes to collecting children from school.
  I swear some day’s it rains from 3.10pm until 3.30pm just long enough to soak me through completely,  then you have days like today when it is persistently raining or other wise known as  pissing down for short.

One the plus side I’m glad I bought a new coat and it was one of these all-weather hiking 3 in 1 coats so at least my top half stays dry.
I am of course sitting in the car waiting for time to pass in one of the side roads by the school watching and listening to the rain pour down on the car and regretting the fact that I have just had a can of tango orange and before that a coffee for obvious reasons and of course the spot where I am parked for some reason means I have little or no signal so by the time you read this I will be home in the dry and the boys will be no doubt tucked up in bed



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