Why did I join social network sites?

Primarily to see why people thought it was so great. I had heard about these web sites where people converged to share themselves and other assorted things (like Myspace, etc). Initially I did not think too much of it, I did set up a myspace account but at the time, I had a no friends, except a few people from the radio station I worked at , I still have it… Do I use it? No… In fact I bet the tumble weeds are rolling through as I type… I think I also have accounts with bebo… tagged, and most of the other networking sites at the time. I never really used them but I did have accounts set up



I Have a twitter account and have 128 following me but I think I have only ever tweeted about 12 times… my followers are people who follow those I follow… confused… Hell I am!


Just over 5 years ago well 14th October 2007 to be exact I first joined Facebook, so I did not think it was that exciting, much less interesting. Then little by little, I stumbled across friends who were using it, women from a forum I frequented and slowly my friend list expanded, I joined professional groups, and began sharing information, gaming and I became hooked!

To the point where I had over 4000 friends on my Facebook account… it was getting silly i could spend hours a day playing games……… knighthood, mob wars and such were the best.. Then I found I was missing notifications from real friends because the gamers were taking over… So I opened another Facebook account on 5th July 2008


This time for the real people in my life and close on-line friends… even that friends list has now reached 500 but yes that is people I interact with or went to school with… 2 or 3 ex boyfriends… 2 or 3 ex lovers, family well Allan’s family… etc.

I did play one or two games on this account such as farmville but nowadays I don’t play any games at all. I do post silly amusing probably offensive pictures… and interact with friends. I deactivated my original account a couple of years ago so only have the one facebook account… well actually that’s not true… I have two Facebook accounts… I have another one I opened because i was having problems with mine getting messages and Facebook advised me to deactivate my account for at least 24 hours… but being Admin on a few groups and pages meant I may be booted off the groups as Admin so I needed to create a back up account.. make myself Admin on those… just to reinstate the real me when I activated my account again.. I did this I handed over the Admin reins to the new account… and had two friends on it… then people somehow started finding me and sending me requests that’s no good I didn’t want to use this account for that… so I blocked them. And created a fictitious name so people wouldn’t know it was me,

I have two close friends on it.. and that’s it… I have left the Admin rights on it so if I ever got locked out or blocked from my main Facebook account at least I know I have back up access.

I’m quite unsociable now as I have my chat only turned on for two people as well on facebook. I just didn’t have the time to reply to everyone who kept popping up for a chat.




I have hooked up with so many wonderful friends from my past and I love getting back in touch with them. I also love being able to share ideas and other things within my professional groups, as well.

So here I am nearly 50 and I can definitely say Facebook, not just for kids.

See ya there!


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