Proud Mummy Moment… Parents Evening

What can I say I am So very proud of my boys,

Yesterday Evening both Allan and I went to the parent teacher evening at the boys school,

I was so impressed at what both boys teachers have said..
They have both worked very hard, both have taken to the new teachers and are so well-behaved at school,

Both Alex and Ali’s teachers said they were a Pleasure to teach. (I did have to do a double-check to make sure they were talking about the right kids) 

I swear that they are both a reincarnation of The World Famous Jekyll & Hyde because they are nothing like that at home,

 Ali is the one that has surprised me the most as I have worried so much about how he would settle down this year, He has had the same teacher for his reception year and year one… and for him it was such a big change to move up to year 2 and change classroom and have a new teacher I really did worry how he would cope as he really doesn’t like change, but he has settled in well and his teacher fully understands how his brain works as she is used to working with autistic children and those with Asperger’s  who are in main stream schooling and she really is getting the best of out him… he likes her as well which really helps.

 Alex, Well Alex always has such a good report.. for a child who is 8 going on 18 when it comes to attitude at home, apparently he is lovely and polite at school, has an extended vocabulary and expresses himself very clearly at school with the ease of an adult.. which apparently in his teachers eyes was a good thing… In my eye maybe his vocabulary and expressions in an adult way were not such a good thing but evidently he is not using the same vocabulary and expressions at school that we hear him using at home 🙄

He is top of the class in every subject, his reading and understanding of his reading is on par with a “Well educated Adult”

 The Only criticism they could come up was they both had scruffy handwriting…

 Erherm I have no Idea where they get that from 😉

 But hay that is what they invented a keyboard for 🙄

Anyway that is my proud mummy moment..

And if I am honest I would rather have the boys giving me all the trouble and hell and being silly etc. at home and behaving and working well at school than having it the opposite way around
I am not one for buying toys etc or treats like that in-between birthdays and Christmas. usually the most they get is something like a bookmark or sew on badge or something from a museum that we go to ,  but we have told both boys that as a few weeks ago they both came home with star of the week, and we have had star of the days and lots of house point certificates since they both went back in September that they in the half term we will take them out and they can have a toy or something of their choosing for £10 each


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