Bondi beach in real time, The World didnt end today in the UK.

Every Saturday I like to depress myself by checking Bondi beach in real time… have a look,its weird to think that as we are going to bed, on the other side of the world, many are flocking to the beach on our tomorrow lol…

Of course the other reason I like to look at this live web cam is the fact that of course we all know that Australia is way ahead of the UK in time.. So their present time is our future………… So the whole time that picture is changing every 6 seconds or so and I can see there is no sign of mass destruction I know the world is not going to end that day lol    I wonder now how many people will put my theory to the test on the 21st December 2012…
I bet this site will have more hits than ever before all from people in the states and uk lol you know the real whack jobs 😉

Screen shot from the live cam.. to see in real time click the link above



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