A new Addition to the family……… Well Hello Molly

I said no more dogs…. I said No more pets…. I said No at least 20 times… and well …. here is our new addition Molly and how we ended up being a two dog family..


Just as we were on our way out the door, there was a knock, Did we want to buy a Staff Puppy I said NO… I’m sure I said no… I looked at Allan and said No… No… No… No.
we went to get the kids in the car and our neighbour brought the puppy out to show us…Just for the record, I’m still saying No….  Really I am… I am looking right at Allan and saying No…….


She explained that her son had bought it for his girlfriend, two weeks earlier but they had now spilt up and she didn’t want the dog… So he has it at home with mum… Mum however already has two staff boy dogs at home who really didn’t get on with this pup and she needed it gone that day… it was already jabbed. had the next set of jabs paid for and the microchipping. They had paid £180 for it two weeks ago and originally tried to get their money back,and all we needed to do was take it next week for its jabs and chipping. …


I’m still saying No at this point while Alex is cuddling the puppy. On hindsight maybe it was not a good idea to let him hold her 😆


I’m thinking No… I’m saying No… but no-one is listening…

I say I’m not sure how Teal’c would take to a puppy in the house… I know he is ok with friends dogs but I was a bit worried he would play too rough.. Anyway my last argument was we had nowhere to keep her and I had taken my kitchen door off and we had to go out as we had promised the boys we were taking them to Hornby that day…
I am reminding Allan what a nightmare it was to house train Teal’c and how he was nearly a year old before we could honestly say we had nailed it.
I also pointed out the many nights I had to sleep on the sofa because we had a crying puppy in the house.  And how we had no bedding or anything for it and I really didn’t want to have to go and get any



It was at this point they said she came with her crate, Bedding, food, bowls and everything… and all they wanted was £20 for the lot…

Allan looked at me and it was at that point I knew I had lost….


It has also crossed my mind that if we didn’t have her then one of the pikeys that live round by us probably would at that price and god knows what would happen to the sweet little puppy…. 

Sweet little puppy Yeah… right she is far from sweet let me tell you.. this girl is going to be a right Bitch…  I will have competition in the house… Actually her temperament reminds me of my beloved Shar Pei I had years ago called Zelda… she was the most loyal dog I have ever known to the family… Hated everyone else… even as a puppy she wouldn’t let anyone else pat her head… I had to crate her if anyone came in the house… Funny enough the only person she tolerated was Allan , she even hated my ex…
Anyway Molly I think will be very similar.


we put her indoors in her crate… told Amber she was there and took the boys out for a few hours..


When we got back we introduced her to teal’c at which point she barked and growled at him and he hid behind us..

 this pup is only 9 weeks old her birthday is

19th August 2012 and she is very similar colourings to Teal’c


The one thing I will say is she is a feisty little thing as she really does rule the roost… Teal’c is learning to stand up to her and give her a growl back to put her in her place… there is no malice in it, more of I am Alpha Dog here you little squirt


Life will certainly be interesting with the two of them

but in the mean time we are back to puppy training again.. she has two favourite spots… in the bathroom for piddling and right by the front door for poo’ing… we are working on this as I type


Anyway… As I have said before I want it noted that I did say NO repeatedly… 🙄



Say Hello to Molly

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