Rugby Vs American Football (No contest)

Last night we were watching the New England Patriots play the LA Rams at Wembley Stadium in London on Tv, it is the 6th year that American Football has come to Wembley, Now years ago when I lived in the states I used to go and watch Washington Redskins play..

(you can tell it was years ago by the very bad 110 picture quality and the fact that it was scanned from a very old negative. )

Anyway one thing that struck me last night was how boring American football had become. It’s not even the same game I used to watch 30 years ago, it’s now a Quarterbacks game and even more sissy then it was before and the quarters are dragged out even more now than they were before…. I have to say give me Rugby any day.

It’s interesting that American Football and Rugby are so similar yet so far apart in so many ways.

In the UK American Football is considered a dis-jointed affair played by biggish guys who need more padding than Joan Collins, lots of make-up (those funny stripes they paint on to look hard- ooh scary!) and no real fitness level due to the constant breaks to allow TV advertising/ stoppages/ time to redo their hair and make up, to ruin the whole game. Basically we consider them big girls blouses who need full-blown body armour… oh and they have no bum cracks, No Seriously, they have so much padding on their tush that it looks like it is one solid part of the boy, abet the tight-fitting trousers do make it look rather nice..

Now to me Rugby Union (and League) is played by super fit guys who need no real protection and who can get battered, clattered, punched and run constantly for 80 minutes with only a short break in the middle. If they bleed they beg the ref to let them carry on, they are real men, who also I must say have nice tushes, The only piece of body protecting equipment they really have is the gum guard. well they need something to keep their teeth intact because I have seen many amateur rugby players and their teeth are not the greatest. as far as the game goes itself, The team work involved is immense and it stirs real emotion to see players protecting their team mates at all costs.


So, would an American Football team beat a Rugby team at Rugby? Absolutely not, never, it’s just not possible.

So, would an American Football team beat a Rugby team at American Football? I’m guessing here but I would say it’s not likely once the rugby players have spent 5 minutes (maybe 6:)) reading up on the rules and making up a basic strategy.

I know because it happened once, when I was living in the states and a group of guys on the Embassy rugby team were chatting to a bunch of American guys and we arranged a friendly and yes the Brits whipped their Arses, at both Rugby and American football, I can’t remember the results sadly as it was many years ago…

I do remember that it cost the Americans dearly in pizza and beer on both occasions. as looser paid for the after match commiserations, celebrations,

I even took some pictures (here are some but again old pictures) and The one thing the Americans complained about the most is the fact that they couldn’t wear all their padding playing the rugby match….

And the one thing the British guys complained about the most was that they HAD to wear all the padding playing American Football.

playing in Washington DC in the capital


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