Not so Happy Halloween….


Usually we Halloween big time, Put up decorations in the house and out the front, I bake cakes and buy candy for the kids coming round and we take the boys out trick or treating but it’s not to be this year.
Allan did take them to a Halloween Party last night (I had a really bad stiff neck yesterday and really didn’t feel like going)  but when they got home both started coughing and were white as sheets, 

I did wonder if they were tired as we had been to Tangmere Military Aviation Museum  in the day time and it was a couple of hours drive away from us,  A couple of hours looking around and then a couple of hours drive back so along with the party it had been a long day.

They went to bed but  I was woken up at 2am with Ali saying he felt sick, I came down and sure enough he had been sick, but it was all phlegm and his chest was really bad as his Asthma is really bad,again So two hits of his puffer later and he came in bed with us, he slept a little, I didn’t sleep at all . 

I got up today and both him and Alex were now bad, so all plans of putting all the decorations up and going to a Halloween Party in a hall, followed by a Halloween show, and then trick or treating in Iwade and then trick or treating around us went out the window. even the boys didn’t put up any argument  (hence I know they really are ill) 

I did go and pick up some extra sweets for them so they at least had a few…. and I have got some if some kids do knock but we decided that we wouldn’t put the decorations up  and would have an evening in watching some films or something and change Halloween day into a sofa day hoping that we don’t end up at the hospital in the next day or so with Ali on a Nebulizer, 

We will make up for it next year.

On the plus side at least they are on half term break from school and can hopefully get better before they are due to go back to school on Monday.

Allan at the Halloween Party yesterday being turned into a Mummy:


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