Isabella formally known as Gwen is no more

Yesterday a friend of ours asked Allan if we could look after his two snakes one is a snow corn snake a bit bigger than Sid and a bit smaller than Honey our corn snakes and his small ball python. Allan agreed but as I pointed out we had nowhere to keep the vivs so they would have to go into the Exo Terra Faunarium and go on top of the wall unit. So Allan brought them back and up they went. This morning I can down and went to see if the hamster needed any water. Her cage is on a shelf on the wall unit.
Instead of a hamster looking out at me I saw this big white snake. At which point I suggested to Allan it may be a good time to get the boys to go upstairs to play while we clean out the hamster. Allan is looking at me like I have gone mad as I only cleaned her out the Day before, I pointed to the cage where the snake was and he told the kids to go up.
We got the snake out and checked it over, the was not a mark on it so it must have had the hamster while she was sleeping as nothing is even disturbed in the cage. How the snake got in the cage I have no idea as its way bigger than the gaps in the bar’s but anyway it got in 😦
We returned the well feed  Snake back to his house and we have now taped up the doors on the Exo Terra Faunarium and left the hamster cage back on the shelf.
I know its only doing what came naturally and of course snakes eat furry little creatures  but there is a big difference between the frozen mice we buy to feed them and Isabella, she was cute and part of the family.. more importantly she was Ali’s as he got her for his 5th Birthday 😦

Now all I have to do is pick a time when I can tell Ali his hamster has passed away, 😦 For the time being I am leaving the cage in its place and hoping he wont notice…. maybe we can say she escaped  But if we have to tell him she passed away, I will skip over the details on how she came to be no more,  Maybe say it was an age thing and they don’t live long.  as I don’t think he needs to know that she became dinner to a snake that isn’t even ours .

We had previously joked that when Isabella formally known as Gwen finally passed away she would become snake food but we never thought it would be self-service.
R.I.P Isabella formally known as Gwen
I’m hoping we can get away without having to replace her but If Ali wants another one I guess we are going to have to.

Picture of a snow corn snake… (not the evil one we are looking after)

Picture of a ball python… I have to admit I don’t like them as I prefer the pretty colours on corn snakes more..



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