I’m fifty years old today.

I’m writing this in the last few minutes of my birthday,
When I woke up I was officially That New Age. It’s a Big One. But I stopped having Little Ones a long time ago. I was the big five O

Half a century wow that’s old……..


I don’t know what happened, yesterday I was 18, today I am 50, the years went to fast and very eventful.. Some I regret some I don’t… My brain tells me I am 18 it’s the body that lets me down… Actually It lets down any 50 yr old as I’m sure most are in so much better condition.


I don’t want to grow up! I don’t want to grow up! But grow up, I must, or so they tell me.


So like I said this was a big one, I’m not going to lie. I fully anticipated feeling like crap, and I did for most of the day.

In fact as you have probably read I have been down in the dumps since the beginning of the month about it.


But hearing from friends and family on Facebook you gotta love social media, and by e-mail helped.

 Usually I never really get cards etc on my birthday Its a case of Allan running to the store on the morning of my birthday and picking me up the first card he sees but this year he didn’t even bother doing that. 😦

 Yes I admit its true when he says I have the money the bank cards and I can get my own present which in theory is a great idea. in practice it is nice if you get something you are not expecting! I even made money available for his use this year as I explained before but in the end I still had to give him hints on what to get me.. As it goes he suggested a buffet server that I have been wanting for a couple of years to use especially at Christmas so that is what I have got,  we went yesterday to Argos to pick on up.

This is what I got, I admit I have wanted one for a year or so as we just don’t have the room for a hostess trolley anywhere

Oh and the lovely Vickie gave me a card and a fab coffee cup and Jo did as well , So I have to say It was a lovely surprise.
So I got 4 cards this year as I also got one off my brother and dad.

 I do miss not getting cards from people who are not in my life any more… I think that’s the thing that really hits home to me on my birthday. but you know what.. I have my boys and that’s all I need.
So there you go I have had 8 kids… 7 survived… two live at home and not a birthday card off any of them… the oldest ones well I didn’t expect it but yet again I haven’t got one off the boys..

Karma is all I can say… a certain person once complained that his ex wife didn’t even send a card to him from the girls…..  yes well tough shit…… because he wont get one-off his son’s on his next birthday either.
last year the boys drew me one I didn’t even get that this year.

 And No I’m not drunk I’m too old for that nowadays although I have had the odd glass of wine or two and We did go out for lunch to the Jenny Wren to celebrate but then we go to the Jenny Wren on a regular basis anyway 😆

 I got an email to offer me a free drink on my birthday at the Jenny Wren for those who obviously have never heard of it the place is our local pub restaurant that does the buy one meal get one free.. Usually a very cheap meal around a tenner. http://www.jennywrenpub.co.uk/

 Oh and Chinese… a take a way in the next few weeks will happen As I have been craving a good Chinese for a long time and I can’t justify the cost… It’s actually cheaper going out for a meal rather than us having the Chinese takeaway… we love a certain Chinese meal from the Happiness Inn in Milton … a set meal C for 2 that’s our favourite… which is fine except the boys don’t really like Chinese and there is too much for two… so we will wait to have that when Vickie comes round,

So yes that’s on the cards… One day when we can afford it… probably 2014 nah a couple of weeks or so lol


I had plans to go back to Duxford on the 11th November. remembrance Sunday as it was free admission but again due to finances being tight that is off the cards now not only that the boys have beavers and cubs memorial service, it’s that time of year really when we do have to watch our pennys, and as long as I have the kids stuff at Christmas I don’t care. ..So  we will have to leave Duxford now as well but hey it’s there and we can go another time.  Anyway enough of self pity  a new year has started.



Happy Birthday to Me!! 

You know what fuck it……….


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