The Sock Monster is Real!

In the corner of my bed room there is a huge pile of odd socks in a box.

This pile never seems to diminish.

Sometimes a sock’s other half will be found and matched up with a lonely sock lying in the pile, but then just a day later another poor soul (or should that be “sole”?) of a sock ends up in the lonely hearts sock pile – and so the bunch of sock singles stays pretty much the same size. It has always been like this and it doesn’t seem to matter whether I lived on my own or had a whole family, this single sock pile has always been a part of my life

I’m very particular about washing my clothes and for good reason.

I have a laundry basket where all my dirty clothes go either that or the go right in front of the washing machine.

Each time the pile is about full I sort it out into darks, lights etc, and take the whole lot, put it in the washing machine and put it on a 40 degree wash. Once that’s done, I transfer it all to the tumble dryer or put it on the clothes airer to dry, (unless it’s a sunny day when I’ll put it on the washing line).

At each stage I carefully check that no socks or pants have fallen out – this is vitally important. I can’t stress that enough.


When my clothes are dry I take them in their entirety back into the house (if out on the line) and fold them up then put them away.

Because I’ve followed this system and been careful that no clothes fell out of the basket between the house and washing machine, the washing machine and the dryer, the dryer and my house, the washing machine and the airer,


As explained in Physics World as well as various obscure books on quantum theory, washing machines are connected via higher dimensions through which, given the right conditions, socks (and only socks) pass from one machine to another


I have tried buying 10 pairs of the same type of sock and in the same colour usually black or grey or white, But even then they go missing. One theory I have is that sock manufacturers add different amounts of dye into each sock in a pair so that one sock fades quicker than another and then ends up looking “unpairable”. Or perhaps it’s simply that my washing is inconsistent and I end up turning one half of a pair of white socks greyer than the other?!

I live in hope that when I come to match up my pairs of socks there will be none missing. But I never get complacent because I know that the Sock Monster is waiting patiently for me to make a mistake…

Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there… Lurking in the darkness… With the smell of socks on his breath… His eyes straining to see any strays… I just hope he doesn’t pick up the scent of my keys or purse . Actually, I can’t seem to find my keys… Noooooooo!

You may ask how long I keep odd socks..
Well the answer is forever… because I learnt long ago that if I ever threw way that odd sock that never had a mate… his or her partner would turn up the week after the bin men came… So now I keep odd socks for eternity, I even have baby socks in my box… Why I don’t know , Maybe I should change my system and just keep them until they will no longer fit anyone in the house.

I posted this picture on Facebook and I am taking some comfort in knowing that up and down the country there are other families living with a pile of odd socks somewhere in their house.







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