I beat the Sock Monster


I honestly did…

I sat and paired up about 90% of the socks in the box..  

The Ironic thing is two days ago I went and bought the boys some more socks for school because I couldn’t find any school socks, I could find loads of white trainer socks but no dark school socks,  Now they have about 15 pairs each…. :/

Not to mention the fact that I should really sort it out more often as I found about 7 pairs that fitted Adam next door but one and he has tiny feet…  well size 12…. I am used to massive feet as I have just bought the boys some new boots a few weeks back and Alex takes an adult size 7 and Ali an Adult size 6 which may not seem bad until you know that Ali is 6 yrs old and Alex isn’t 9 until December.  *insert look of shock and horror*

I actually managed to get some sleep last night, I gave up on going to bed and have been sleeping on the sofa because of the puppy  aka Molly and her crying…

Last night she slept in her bed until about 1.30am and then cried but that was only because she needed to do a call of nature… once she had piddled on her paper she climbed up on the sofa with me and went straight back to sleep… bonus..   I managed to get back to sleep until I woke up about 6.30am ready to get the boys sorted from school…

I can handle a few mins of being woken up in the night… It’s when she keeps me awake for a couple of hours wanting to play that it takes its toll.

On the subject of Molly, teal’c is loving having her around now.. they play constantly  and when they are tired they lie down and rest……… most of the time together..

We didn’t want to sit on the sofa anyway



little and large by my feet as I sit at the PC


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