Show your spots, let’s raise lots! Children In Need 2012

Last  Friday They were supporting  Children in Need up the School, For those who don’t know what Children in need is…

It is a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for the charity Children in Need. 2012 marks the 32nd anniversary of the appeal which culminates in a live broadcast on BBC One on the evening of Friday 16 November until the early hours of Saturday 17 November.

The broadcast  is hosted by Terry Wogan, with Tess Daly, Fearne Cotton and Nick Grimshaw as co-hosts.

The show was broadcast from BBC Television Centre in London but also includes regular regional opt-outs presented from various locations around the UK.

The money contributed to Children in Need is distributed to organisations supporting children in the UK aged 18 and under who have mental, physical or sensory disorders; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, sexual abuse or neglect.

This year, The BBC’s Children in Need appeal raised more than £26 million during this year’s live television show, beating the 2011 total.


And I as always have done my bit in a way.. (A very little bit I do confess)


I always make cakes for the boys classes at school, Using the proper children in need cases so I donate in two ways there, Once for the cases and again for the ingredients and time etc… *righteous feeling* but I do bake about 200 usually and they school sell them at about 25p a cake… And I was told they sold out in about 10 mins so that made £50 🙂


As usually we have the rejects at home.. the ones that didn’t rise enough or were just not good enough to take to the school,


And of course the boys have their dress up day which we make a donation to children in need… this year they had to have spots..

Now this was one of the easiest dress up days because they both already had a Yellow T-shirt for some other event they had to dress up as, (cant remember what it was now) and I just got some felt tip markers and spottified their T-shirts.


A very good friend Vickie… (Hellooooooooooo and waves,  as I know you are reading ) Was doing the car washing with a group of people at £3 each

And boy did they earn the money as it was freezing out there. .. We took both our car’s, Admittedly we made their earn their money as they were both really dirty ..*insert guilty feeling* But even if they had been clean we would have taken them along.

They raised an incredible £238.47

So well done to all of them.. 🙂 It really was an incredible achievement and they should be so proud of themselves,

So I feel that I have done by bit one way or another..

and lets face it every little helps 🙂


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