Take note if it’s not yours DON’T TOUCH IT!

We all fantasize about being rich or winning the lottery… (In my case it would have to be the Latter to be the Former )

And we all dream of what we would do with the money… Huge mansions, maybe even buy a Zoo or a Desert Island
If I ever win the lottery and it wasn’t millions and millions  I would settle for something smaller but there is one thing I want more than anything at the moment,
I want a house with an en suite bath room with a padlock on the door so no one touches my stuff like hair brushes and shower gel.

I don’t ask for much but certain things are mine for MY use only my hair is short and red anything else stuck in my hair brush is alien and not mine aaarrgghhh disgusting
I came in from the school run today and the first thing I notice is that liquorice smell in the house.

This can only mean one thing… Amber (age 19) has been spraying her head again with the lyclear head lice stuff …

I go to the bathroom and sure enough, the shower is down in the bath… (of course its way to hard to reach up and put it back up on its bracket or what ever you call it) 

The boys Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Head Lice Repellent Shampoo that I buy for them in the hope that they never bring lodgers home from school… So far it’s worked because they have never ever had the dreaded Nits…
The towel is on the floor in the bathroom…. This all means that Amber has got nits AGAIN,  Hardly surprising considering… its about the 4th or 5th time she has had them now..

Anyway apart from the fact that the bathroom looks like a bomb has hit it.. this is not what has really really pissed me off…. What has pissed me off big time is the fact that  MY HAIRBRUSH  is covered in black/brown curly hair..
As I said my hair is Red… Thats what it says on the bottle this month… and it’s still short… I would say it has grown out to about a grade 10 now…
So I’m assuming that the Jib ridden one has also used my hairbrush… despite being asked before NOT to.. under any circumstances, Use my Hairbrush…

Nit’s or not  it is MY bloody brush….. I don’t want other people using it..  I put it on par with someone using my toothbrush…….

I am really really really not a happy bunny..

Maybe I should use another brush.. I do have another new one hidden away… and cover my old one in some hair remover …….  daily……. 
I can picture it now……. Hair falling out in the clumps… oh dear maybe she caught something , perhaps from using someone else’s fucking hairbrush….

or if that is to mean maybe I should just clean the toilet with her toothbrush…… or brush Allan’s pubes with it……..
can you tell I have got past the really annoyed stage and now gone on to the I will stop this once and for all, get even stage………..

And now my head is itching just thinking about it…………


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