Good-bye 2012, Hello 2013


Good grief! I can’t believe that in just a few hours 2012 will be history.

I don’t bother to make predictions or resolutions.

I’m not psychic, so I can’t see the future, and resolutions are usually broken in the first week.

So, I’ll try to be a better person by taking better care of myself. That way, I’ll feel better, my attitude will be better, I’ll have more patience and understanding, and I’ll have more tolerance toward stupid (I have a serious problem with stupid).

And finally, I will try to let those who are important to me know how important they are to me.

I won’t regret telling people how important they are to me, but I could regret not telling them.
I Dont make predictions or resolutions such as i am going on a diet because as well All know they are always doomed to fail.

Maybe in a few months we will think about doing a few life changes but for now… the time is to spend with friends and family around us.
family that we want around us anyway.

Happy New Year to All…….

I have a feeling its going to be a tough year ahead… both emotionally and financially for the majority of us….

Good luck folks I think we are going to need it..


What I got for Christmas

I’m not greedy I Don’t expect to see a Michael Kors watch, or a Louis Vuitton bag falling out of my Christmas stocking,


I have got used to the fact that I don’t get presents over the years. My ex never bought me a present in the whole time we were married……. Not for Christmas or birthday…. or any other time come to that matter……


If fact I think the last bit of jewellery that was bought as a present for me was a gold necklace by a very good friend of mine many many years ago long before I even met my ex…… I still have it and wear it constantly to this day…

Allan did get my buffet server for my birthday plus a bottle of Disaronno so I know that finances were limited, In fact he had no finances as I am in charge of the bank card,


So when I mentioned I will post a list of what I got for Christmas you didn’t need to panic… seriously it’s not long.


I got a lovely set of smellies (tried and tested already when I had a lovely long soak the other day)

I got a lovely new apron from my secret santa, They know me well by the look of it…. I have to say they also got the boys a little something and both the dogs. 🙂


My friend Leanne got me a lovely box of chocolates as well ,

And that’s it…….. yep…… total list of my presents..

Of course I always treat us to a present at Christmas, Something we want but would not generally buy for ourselves…….


Last year it was a new camera, This year we got a digital photo frame… granted I forgot to get a new SD card for it but that can be rectified soon.


I have however as mentioned the other day also got a present I bought for Amber, she has been telling us for a long time how she wanted a laptop for Christmas, finances didn’t spring to that… in fact even if we could afford it, I’m certain we wouldn’t be spending that much on a present for a nearly 20 yr old who pays £10 a week board… and has the rest of her money all to herself…. and can still manage to spend it in two days and borrow off us when cash is needed for important things like drink and clothes,


Anyway at the time we couldn’t afford a laptop so we got her a small tablet… the boys had a good 10inch one but hers was only a little 7inch one with a case. total cost I guess about £75

and this was on top of the £70 we had already spent on bits for her. Anyway a few days before Christmas, She was telling us how she had spent more on Christmas this year than ever before.. total cost… under £40 for everyone… and how next year she “Aint spending that much again”

so she is hardly the last of the big spenders……. having already spent quite a bit on her we sat and thought…… and then decided so it… she can have the other bits but I will keep the tablet as I wanted an ereader and it would do the job perfectly.


So Allan gave me the tablet for Christmas….

Just as well really because Amber had £50 for Christmas and when we said she could buy her own if she wanted… she decided that she don’t like the tablets and is going to save up for her own laptop….. because she wants to go on games on Facebook and apparently the tablet is no good for that..


So her loss my gain……




Mother of the year award……. Does not go to a certain someone!



Don’t get me wrong I know my Oldest stepdaughter Amber, has her faults and she can drive me to distraction sometimes but I do love her and I really hate to see her shit upon from a very high height.
She certainly missed out when it came to brains during some point in her creation…… However…… I have always felt a certain pity if that’s the right word for her… When it came down to anything between her sister Tammy and herself. Tammy was the one that was always spoilt… Tammy was the one that never got into trouble because Amber was always blamed… Allan and his mother were indeed very guilty of this over the years….. Right up until we had only Tammy for the weekend and as usual when the girls were about something got broken…. Tammy was sooooo Quick to point out that Amberliegh did it…. The one thing she had forgotten about was Amber was on a school trip for the week so she wasn’t with us that particular weekend…

I finally got Allan to notice that Tammy wasnt the sweet innocent one she always made out to be…

Things did get a little better for Amber… well at our house anyway… Her grandmother, Allan’s mum still treated her totally different from Tammy…

This has always been down to the fact that Amber wasn’t Allan’s real daughter… She is his step daughter…… Allan’s wife’s child… and I think deep down both Allan and his mum treated her as the outcast where Tammy was the beloved grand-daughter….

Anyway like I said Amber started to get treated a whole lot better in this house by Allan.. and was at last treated as equal to Tammy..


Skip forward… half a dozen years… And As I may have mentioned Amber now lives with us… Yes she is infuriating at times… Personally I think it’s just the fact that my status quo  in the house is tipped a little…. I’m so used to the boys that having a near 20yr female in the house can sometimes be annoying to say the least especially when it comes to the female stuff going on… Some things my boys really don’t need to know about at their age… and that infuriates me.. Plus I have never known anyone create so much washing……. but I guess when I was a teenager I was the same.. except I did my own washing…

Anyway… Amber lives with us……

Last march her mum apparently didn’t have enough money to give her, her birthday present which was £20… they of course always gave her husbands boys their birthday money… (they are adults as well) and of course Tammy her birthday presents… she gets mobile phones on contract..

Skip forward to December…… and they tell her she can have her birthday money… she goes over and oh dear they had to spend it…… In the end I give her the money and say when you get it pay me back….


Christmas comes … Amber spends Christmas day and boxing day with us along with her boyfriend Ben… Now she is last of the big spenders when it comes to Christmas but we did get her quite a few bits… I would say about £70 in total… oh and my dad gave her £50 for her Christmas present,

one present I did get for her I decided against giving her in the end but to be honest it would have been no good for her anyway as she wanted a laptop… (totally out of our price range) and not a little tablet…. so I had it instead (as it goes it was the only thing I had apart from my secret santa present but I will post about this another time ) and love it as I use it as an e reader. but on the whole she didn’t to bad really from us


Amber went over to her mum’s the day after boxing day with her boyfriends.. and got nothing, and I mean nothing at all, originally she was told she was getting a joint present between her and Ben but when they go she gets nothing at all… WTF… this is your child woman… you have had 365 days to save up to buy your daughter something for Christmas but to give her nothings… not even a couple of pound box of chocolates that is totally mean…

Amber understandably is upset by this… Secretly I think its more the materialistic part because her sister got presents…. but I can understand her being hurt… I have tried to explain to her that once you get to be an adult the presents you get at Christmas do dwindle and reduce in value… I have explained that she has disposable income of her own where her brothers and Tammy don’t so of course they are going to get presents of a higher value than she did… well actually Tammy did not from us… she had a little bag and a few lip glosses… and a selection pack total cost about £15 but then we haven’t seen her more than a few hours in the last year either…. so it’s all relative…


But I do think that Ambers Mum is being rather tight…. Actually i think she is bang out-of-order………. like I said she certainly wont be on the Mother of the year list………..

When Amber complained about the lack of present and of course birthday money she was told by her mother to Grow Up…. Well I think she will do… and I know one thing… She will remember this christmas and her mum for all the wrong reasons……

Meanwhile what Tammy got from her mum for Christmas and of course from her grandmothers as that’s where she has gone to spend the next week and no doubt baby sit on new years eve…… will be another matter……….. Again… She will be the spoilt one…

Oh the boys what did they get off their grandmother……….. Nothing……… We got a joint family card……. Their grandmother Allan’s mum didn’t even send either of them a birthday card……..

I’m actually surprised that Allan’s ex-wife and His mother never got on because they are both the most selfish bitches I have ever met…….

Stuffed to the Gills……………..

 Christmas  holidays excess……..

No Thanks, I’m Full. Really. In fact can I just have something like some ham salad hey if we can’t go healthy what about something simple like beans on toast….

I have eaten more comfort warming food like stews, cottage pies etc and rich foods in the past  three or four weeks or so, and I still have one or two  more days to go! New years day is always another huge roast with all the trimmings.

Between the holiday parties, cookies, chocolates, cake and rich foods that I normally do not eat, (seriously we don’t have this much rich and boozy food in our every day diet)

I feel bloated and toxic. Very toxic. More toxic than anything toxic you can think of.

my stomach is already on full alert. I already have a weight issue, and yes we have tried before and failed , we were not ready to diet yet, we never do start a diet for new years resolutions as they are doomed to fail from the start but after tonight, I am going on a full get rid of the toxins diet. (I have no real plan in mind except lots of water and healthier foods and go low fat). The cookies will be all gone, and the cupboards empty of anything that says “Merry Christmas”!


The joys of holiday living! Pass the Gaviscon !!

I am ready to start again and try to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle… I’m not mentioning the actual word diet because that will not happen for a while yet as Allan is not ready… but watch this space……..


Suffering the consequences of buying kids games for Christmas…….

Have your kids ever forced you to play board games or card games?

ok that word “force” seems a little too strong but you get the drift..

they’ve just “strongly encouraged” you to play a family board game when you weren’t interested.

if so then you only have yourself to blame because chances are you have bought these games for them, and if we didn’t buy them for our child then someone else has as a present and of course we all know what time of year they get them… Christmas of course…

Now our problem is we have in the past bought the usual classics such as Cludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, even things like Chess, backgammon, domino’s, the usual games compendiums,

Last year we were stupid enough to buy that logo game plus a few others… the result is we have a cupboard full of “Family Games” and a pile on top of our wardrobe… and that’s where they stay for most of the time… :mrgreen:


Some of the games we have bought because we remember them from our childhood, others are ones Alex or the girls have asked for in the past.


The worst time I think when we play board games is usually when playing new games for the first time – games the boys aren’t familiar with yet. They don’t know what they’re getting into. and of course they cheat, in any way shape or form… Plus while its easy trying to explain the rules to a complicated game to a 8 or 9 yr old it’s not that easy to a 6 yr old.. especially a 6 yr old who is autistic.. 😳

For that reason alone… This year I swore I would not buy any board games for them for Christmas.


We did however get them a Subbuteo it’s the kind of present you have to buy your son because you had one as a child and want to re live your own childhood….. because in this day and age you can guarantee that it will be out and played once…… because once is enough for a  child born in the Noughties  to realise just how boring it really is………. 🙄


Anyway with the exception of the Subbuteo I thought we had it cracked this year…… What I hadn’t banked on was that someone else would buy them a game……….


So today… the day after boxing day… we have been making the odd experiment with the mad scientist set that Alex had been given He loves those kinds of things it’s the Geek in him lol , and been playing, Said Subbuteo, (see picture above)

DSCN5966 DSCN5975 DSCN5984

And what can only be described as a modern-day version of “Frustration” only Angry birds space style..


and then they wanted to play the old games in the cupboard…… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Arrrggghhh I am all gamed out…………..

Dont get me wrong… I enjoy the odd board game and when the boys get a little older or we can convince some other adults to join in, we have some cool games and even some amusing games… which are a great laugh when you have friends over… especially if there a few couples, or 5 or 6 people,

No not that type of game ….. well actually yes I do have one or two of that type but Allan and I save those to play when we are by ourselves 😈







The Night after the Day before, Aka Christmas Day.

We Finally had the long-awaited and craved for Chinese on Christmas Eve, One problem was, I am so full of lurge that I could hardly eat it… I swear there was enough left overs to feed another 4 people…..

The dogs Christmas presents today, were, a packet of treats each , Much appreciated from SS (Secret Santa) Then they had their squeaky toys…

No matter what toy Molly had Tealc’s sounded so much better to her… He on the other hand did what he does best when it comes to plastic squeaky toys… he demolished them in seconds flat to a pile of chewed bits in the bottom of his bed…….

And the pièce de résistance of the day for them both was of course… Chinese for Dinner… Lots of it..


On to the Christmas dinner……. Now For every year ever since I have been preparing a family Christmas dinner I have spent Christmas eve having a clean up and then once the kids have gone to bed popped the turkey in the oven and prepared all the veg… got all the presents all nice and ready for when the kids come down in the morning. Not this year… This year I have felt like death warmed up , Allan’s answer to everything is don’t worry we will sort it later…..

Also in the past its an unwritten house rule that Christmas dinner was always for 1pm but saying that because of the old man coming over That bit was changed to 3pm…

Plan’s never erm go to plan…….. we went to bed. and the only thing that got cleaned on Christmas eve was the cooker…. Nothing was prepared nothing was cooked in advance…

We set the alarms for 6am, Got up and then had a drink while we waited for the boys to come down… yes I did say waited for them to come down… WTF… I mean what normal kid is not awake at 4am dying to know if Santa had been………. Amber is dying to wake them up but eventually about 7.30am they come down and the present frenzy begins.

Rubbish bags at the ready to put all the wrapping paper in as they rip open everything with their names on it…..


Christmas dinner was almost great. My turkey was moist and tender. Everyone enjoyed the meal except for my dad who of course is a connoisseur of everything. He is a very picky eater and even buying the wrong brand of potato’s to roast can ruin the meal for him.

(oh Hang on that was last year….. actually where my dad is concerned it’s every year)

This year was different the turkey, was dry and over cooked and when it was taken out of the roasting pan, fell to pieces… the pork was over cooked and the crackling was like wood.. Yep the chef cooked the meat.. not me I hasten to add……

The lovely Vickie peeled the veg and dinner was finally served at 4pm to a hungry and in my dads case half pissed table of people…. I have to say this is the worst Christmas I have had in a long time in the way of being prepared….. Only the Christmas cake has been baked… I have not even done mince pies or anything….. No Yule log made… I really haven’t felt up to all the usual preparations.. In fact I haven’t even had a drink all day…..  A tee total Christmas day….  There is a first……


On the plus side the boys have loved their presents and that’s the most important thing.

I’m planning to do roast beef and roast pork rather than goose for New Years Day, mainly because I don’t like goose much, Fingers crossed that meal turns out better than today’s…..

And Now I am sitting here thinking its 365 days until Christmas


Being me, I want to get organised and, more importantly, start thinking about the things that I can do and buy well in advance so I don’t feel like it all hits me in one lump. (Both expenditure-wise and work-wise). And the whole process starts all over again.


We are still here and my son is 9


Yesterday was not only was  the prophesy of end of the world,  it was also Alex’s 9th Birthday.

He has been annoying the hell out of us playing his battle strikers and constantly has his new mp3 player stuck in his ears…

oh and we have been eating birthday cake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake…….

I on the other hand am now full of man flu which is not good especially considering the time of the year…..

My wrapping fairy came round yesterday while the boys were at school so everything is wrapped and bagged and ready,

some presents have already been given out and under the receiving persons tree..

Again I went overboard on the boys presents…….. the problem with buying stuff throughout the year is you forget what you have got or how much

Every year I say I am going to make a list and keep a record of what I have got for everyone, I have even said I would wrap it all up as I go along… Maybe next year

After all i didn’t even have to buy wrapping paper as I got loads on sale last year so I could have wrapped throughout the year after all,

I will be more organised.. I will keep a list… but I do think the boys will be happy..  they have no idea what they get for Christmas, I don’t believe in making Christmas lists.

I’m a mum I am their mum, I know the type of stuff they like…   I don’t believe in spoiling them during the year… if we go to a museum or somewhere they get a little souvenir such as a pencil and rubber or badge or patch to go on their blanket..  they get one item for their birthday… this year Alex got two because usually we take them out on a trip for their birthday but we couldn’t on Alex’s this year as he had school, every year before they usually break up the day before…  so instead of having what it cost to go out.. he got the extra present..  what he doesn’t know is it didn’t cost the £28.99 that he saw in argos but the £8.99 we paid on Amazon..  In fact I confess I have done most of my christmas shopping from the internet throughout the year when I have seen some good deals.   Sorry high streets of the country..

Thanks to the 99p shop I have now got a nice new Christmas dinner service.. without having to use the paper plates I usually use….. this I can put away and it can be used year after year…..

As I type the boys are at the Christmas pantomime in the local theatre with the cubs and beavers… Allan has gone along as he is an Occasional Helper with the scouts… soon to be leader…… will go into more detail about that when I get the time as we are both helping out the beavers and cubs a lot now..
After the pantomime we are heading off to take the boys to see Santa……  hopefully pics to follow tomorrow if I have time to post just to really bore you all…….

Anyway…  Time for me to go and get ready and blow my streaming nose before Allan gets back.
Oh and one more thing……..

See I told you I knew that the world wasn’t going to end yesterday
After All, Marty McFly travelled to 2015 😉