Yay We have Snow………. At last..

I am so tired of being promised that we will get snow and then a big nothing. I like the snow. I love snow…..

I like watching it fall from the sky, and blanketing the ground, making everything so pretty. .

I have things that need to be done outside (more leaves and sticks out front).

And then what happens… no one mentions snow at all on the news and all of a sudden..
I get up this morning.. go to the shed to get some bits out and lo and behold we have snow… I can see it in the air……
The first pic was this morning and the second was on the school run the down side was by 3.30 on the school run it was all gone 😦

SAM_0023 SAM_0034



I miss the winters I had as kid. (some very old pics I found from when I was a kid of snow glorious snow)

I remember a ton of snow when I was little in Germany although I don’t remember it actually snowing . What happened to all that snow? (Shhh, I know about global warming, just let me reminisce here). I Remember snow when I was a young teen in Sittingbourne we used to enjoy sledging on the dubiously named Scratch Arse Hill – (because it was/is shaped like two bum cheeks). so when we had snow, we had major fun.

Scratch Arse Hill

Then  I moved to America living in both Ohio and Maryland where we had some major snow and I mean real snow, Moreover, it lasted,

We did not have a few hours of snow and then rain and it was gone. We had good snow, healthy snow, snow that lasted and lasted. Where is that snow?

We had the kind of snow that provided my friends and with serious income from hours and hours of shovelling paths and people’s driveways.

We had the kind of snow that required tons of extra mittens and snow boots. Snow boots!

What kids have to wear them today when it snows? No one.


I wish for a major snow episode. An old-fashioned blizzard. No more false promises. Get serious mother nature.
I know people will hate me for this… But I cant help it I love snow…

Oh and 

Shhhh I have bought the boys a new shiny red sledge each for Christmas just in case we get any more but if it comes down and stays.. then they will be getting them early and we will be up the park like a shot  …

 However, if we are not going to get anymore snow, in any amount (one inch does not count), then let us just move onto spring and bring summer on ……. I like warm and sun as well.



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