Name & Shame… The car that hit us………..


While on the school run this morning:

That Moment in Time when the person in front of you actually backs up in the snow without looking so you have to back up.. they stop and then back up again… Right into your car… Or Landrover as the case may be… and then sit there after the crunch… not getting out or anything waving their hands in the air…..


The plus side having a big old Landrover is its not going to damage anything on our car although at the time we didn’t know that. ….


The downside is I am posting the picture of your car because you didn’t even bother to get out to see if there was any damage and that pissed me off so much I though what the hell I would take a picture of your car (another reason why its always handy to have a camera with you) ……

And post it on facebook publicly and blog about it because I am a total bitch like that… 🙂


Ps it may not look like there was any damage to yours but with a nice crunch like that I would check your subframe or what ever it is.. because on a little car like that something must have happened to it …



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