The Downside to christmas



I love Christmas as all it stands for ,  That being said, one thing I absolutely hate with a passion is glitter.

I know that makes no sense since I love sparkly things, but I do hate it.

I just finished  writing some Christmas cards that have glitter on them.

I am covered in glitter.

My desk  in the corner of the room is covered in glitter, it’s all over the furniture… and there is a trail of glitter through the house even on the stairs.

We do not have glitter in the house.

is a house of blue… well Blue with the touch of Pink but she is never here half the time… but still does not have glitter.. 

So it really is all down to the cards…… oh and maybe a little off the Christmas decorations that we have got out the attic..

I have swept and hovered and I can still see the odd sparkle on the carpet, floor oh and Allan really did have a twinkle in his eye earlier

Yep Glitter I hate it.


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