It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas :-)

Last week a couple of friends and I went out for a Christmas Meal, I have to say it wasn’t a great meal, 
but the company was great 🙂

First Christmas dinner of the season

First Christmas dinner of the season

The other day I got the decorations out of the loft… Well when I say I got.. what I mean Is Allan and David got the decorations out of the loft… The downside to Christmas this year is I cant have my big tree up due to the fact that we have a small puppy that chews everything in sight and a tree and all the decorations and wiring wouldn’t stand a chance so we decided this year we would stick to Arthur…. Named because Arthur is HalfA tree it fits on the wall. My Christmas decoration OCD has had to go right out the window this year as the boys wanted to decorate the tree in the red white and blue jubilee colours…   and As soon as they saw the union flag decorations they had to have them so tradition of red and gold or brown and cream kind of colour theme has gone right out of the window this year..



So the decorations are now up… we have some on the fish tank, some on the wall unit and some on the mantel shelf and that is it ok not quite there is the ceiling dec’s and a few other bits on the walls and the lights in the window but compared to last year it does look rather dull. I can’t wait until next Christmas when I can have my big tree out again.

SAM_0022 SAM_0006 SAM_0027SAM_0028

Oh and it wouldn’t be Christmas without the kids having the decorating chocolate……. 

I get these things every year and they still love them

SAM_0001 (2) SAM_0010 SAM_0005 SAM_0013

And then they eat them…………

The countdown is on……… 16 days until Christmas 🙂


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