It’s Not Christmas Until You See The Coca-Cola Advert, Better still We saw the Truck :-)


Boys standing next to the truck

The Coca Cola (Coke) Christmas advert is without a doubt one of my all time favourite Christmas ads.

The ad, with the combination of the trucks, the friendly face of Santa and the oh so catchy HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! song makes Christmas real, It really is the beginning of the whole run-down to the big day.

For me, it is very nostalgic and seeing it on TV really does mean the start of the festive season!

When you see the Coke Christmas ad you know for a fact that there isn’t long to wait until December 25th comes!

Every December I eagerly await my first viewing of the Coca-Cola® Christmas advert– the one with the Christmas trucks and the jingle that goes, “holidays are coming, holidays are coming…” You know the one! It isn’t Christmas until I’ve seen that, and I drive Allan crazy asking if it’s been on yet.

“My favourite Coke commercial is the one where Coke teaches the world to sing. I remember it even now years later. it’s those ad’s that you remember for a lifetime.

So when I heard that the Coca-Cola Truck did a tour around the country every Christmas I had to look up and see when it was near us…

Ok the closest was really Gravesend on the 27th November or Bluewater on the 11th December, but at the time finances meant we couldn’t go to Gravesend but Last night.. I was prepared.. I had fuel in the tank and we were set to go…

We got the boys straight from school and headed towards Bluewater……. it’s about 3/4 hour up the M2 from us.. if that…. its one of the biggest shopping malls in Kent its huge….


We got there we took a photo of the marker and lane number of where we parked so we could find the car again, and walked around inside until we found someone and asked where it was… which car park it was in… (there are 120000 spaces combined from all the car parks) we were told it was outside the food court at M&S so of we went to find it …

Apart from being freezing outside it was fantastic and well worth the trip, they were doing free photo’s that they took and then you downloaded , you could queue up for them but there was a really long queue and they looked rather staged just standing on a stage next to a tree , or take your own on the other side of the truck, we decided our own would be better,

We had Shelby with us (a friends baby whom we were babysitting) and it was cold so we thought it would be better and quicker and we could get back into the warm of the mall and have a look around, All in all it was a great experience,the boys were fascinated with the fake snow being blown about. The downside is I was a little disappointed because it was only one big truck where on the advert there is a wagon being towed as well and of course the advert truck was lit up so much more . But I can honestly say I have seen the real Coco-Cola Truck…

Will We go again if it’s near us next year…

You Bet I will I mean we will 😉





Coca Cola Truck


Fake Snow


outside one of the shops at bluewater


In the Lego Shop choosing what bits they need




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