Minimalist christmas (Well it is for us)


I was asked today why my house is not like Santa’s grotto so I replied,

I am decorating less this year, and will enjoy it more.

That’s  bollocks really, it’s just my way of convincing myself we have to have a very minimalist Christmas this year when it comes to decorations, What I really mean is

I have little desire to take everything I own related to Christmas decorating out of the attic to stick it around the house. We have a puppy that chews anything that it can get its teeth into

and we have very little space available to put anything anywhere due to the furniture layout this year.

So I have sorted out some of the storage crates, took out ONLY what I wanted, and then that is it.

The rest is going to be packed away and stored properly and labelled after Christmas is over with but for the time being it was just put back up in the loft.. Yes that loft that Allan has promised me in Jan he will sort out and

de-clutter yes of course  you know it, It’s hoarders paradise up there …

Anyway as I was going to say, Christmas will be simply and tastefully done,

That’s if you can have tastefully done with a jubilee tree. :/  this is a close up of the balls I have on the Arthur tree

Every time the puppy goes to catch something or chew a wire I realise I made the right choice.,

Hence my decision not to put up the big tree this year..

But in a way I do miss not having the big tree up

Next year will be different of course…  The furniture will be moved about, Molly the puppy will be older and not chewing , I can live in hope can’t I?

Take my word for it The grotto will return.




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