Feeling Unmotivated

I’ve been particularly unmotivated lately.

Not sure why, but I blame the billion straight days with no sun for my lack of energy.

I also blame my tendency to exaggerate on the billion straight days with no sun, but that is neither here nor there.


Last night I decided to crawl into bed early. Like 11:00pm early which take my word for it is mega early for me.

I love snow……… hate winter…….. work that one out!


Ok its the Rain and cold and constant grey days and early dark nights I hate.


It’s about 9 days and 12 hours until Christmas but I just can’t seem to be motivated at the moment,

I have all the shopping done, I have all the presents I need to buy,

In fact all I need to do is wrap and I will leave that until next week for the pure fact that unwrapped I can keep everything hidden once wrapped its there on show stacked up in my room. oh and write cards but will get that done tomorrow,


I know I’m supposed to post something, I know I am supposed to have a tidy up… Sort something out for dinner…

But I can’t get motivated to do anything and  I REALLY don’t feel like staring at my computer. I don’t even feel motivated enough to go on Facebook or watch tv… If I could only just nap on the sofa…


So I’m not going to do anything………..


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