21 december 2012 end of the world?


Oh by the way, this picture of the “Mayan Calendar” is not Mayan, and is not even a calendar. The “Stone of the Sun” is a graphical representation of the Aztec cosmology.

21st December 2012 Is the day everyone is talking about… It is also Alex’s 9th Birthday.. I have one or two friends in real life and a whole load of facebook friends,  who are actually seriously worried about this date… Personally I am a confirmed none believer.. but I have googled a little information just to be able to say ” I told you so” on the 22nd to be honest..


So…….. if you still have never heard any of this… (Where the hell have you been??) here is a link where you can have a quick read if you are feel you need to it’s a so-called official website of the 21 12 2012




So basically…..

December 21, 2012 may or may not be doomsday but apparently at least 25 million people think that there won’t be a Christmas this year because of the Mayan apocalypse.



The end of the world is nigh, or so apocalypse observers would have you believe. The Mayan and Hopi Mesoamerican Long Count calendar may have begun in 3114BC and continued unerringly ever since, but it comes to an abrupt halt on 21 December 2012. Hence, the belief gaining ground among those who fall for this kind of thing that the cosmos will cease to exist in 5 days’ time.

Experts in Mayan culture – which flourished in what is now Central America between AD250 and 900 – have dismissed the doomsayers, claiming the 2012 phenomenon misrepresents the Long Count calendar, and is unsupported by any surviving Mayan texts. The internet, with its capacity for sustaining conspiracy theories, is thought to be to blame. (does this really surprise anyone? )

In South and Central America, where the original prophecy was allegedly made, responses are mixed. The mayor of the mountain town San Francisco de Paula, in the far south of Brazil, has urged local residents to stock up on supplies in preparation for the worst. But in Yucatan, Mexico, which still has a large Mayan population, a cultural festival is planned for 21 December.

Any British people still concerned about the Long Count’s conclusion could perhaps seek refuge in Bugarach, a tiny French village in the Pyrenean foothills, which the web has inexplicably agreed will be spared the ravages of Armageddon – possibly due to a nearby mountain, which resembles the alien landing site from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


So is the world coming to an end because the Mayan Calendar has run out and people are all in a mass of panic I have a suggestion..

Instead of being cheap and having one that goes on for ever.. or not as the case maybe

why didn’t they just have one that lasts a year then

they could do what most of us do when our calendars run out: buy a new one.
we don’t all panic that the world will end every new years eve….
Although I have had some hangovers that I wish it had been the end of the world on new years day because I felt like I was going to die…
But that was in a previous life before children


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