The world will end tonight, or not as the case may or may not be………

The world will end tonight or so they say so apparently the bucket lists are being published all over Facebook, twitter and on blogs,

 I have three bucket lists.. A private one  which maybe I will post one day…….. That’s if we are all still here…….
But for the sake of the day…..

I have a few but so I won’t bore you with everything so I will only tell one thing off each one.


1: The censored list

I so want to bust that giant Winnie the pooh inflated Santa out side someone’s house.

2: The Uncensored list

I so want to spend the night having rampant kinky sex with someone special but if they are busy Allan may have to do. 😉


I did have an idea though.


After midnight, all the people in Europe should stop posting on Facebook and Twitter and we can scare the shit out of everyone in the States as they are about 6 hours behind us,


So Who’s in?


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