The Night after the Day before, Aka Christmas Day.

We Finally had the long-awaited and craved for Chinese on Christmas Eve, One problem was, I am so full of lurge that I could hardly eat it… I swear there was enough left overs to feed another 4 people…..

The dogs Christmas presents today, were, a packet of treats each , Much appreciated from SS (Secret Santa) Then they had their squeaky toys…

No matter what toy Molly had Tealc’s sounded so much better to her… He on the other hand did what he does best when it comes to plastic squeaky toys… he demolished them in seconds flat to a pile of chewed bits in the bottom of his bed…….

And the pièce de résistance of the day for them both was of course… Chinese for Dinner… Lots of it..


On to the Christmas dinner……. Now For every year ever since I have been preparing a family Christmas dinner I have spent Christmas eve having a clean up and then once the kids have gone to bed popped the turkey in the oven and prepared all the veg… got all the presents all nice and ready for when the kids come down in the morning. Not this year… This year I have felt like death warmed up , Allan’s answer to everything is don’t worry we will sort it later…..

Also in the past its an unwritten house rule that Christmas dinner was always for 1pm but saying that because of the old man coming over That bit was changed to 3pm…

Plan’s never erm go to plan…….. we went to bed. and the only thing that got cleaned on Christmas eve was the cooker…. Nothing was prepared nothing was cooked in advance…

We set the alarms for 6am, Got up and then had a drink while we waited for the boys to come down… yes I did say waited for them to come down… WTF… I mean what normal kid is not awake at 4am dying to know if Santa had been………. Amber is dying to wake them up but eventually about 7.30am they come down and the present frenzy begins.

Rubbish bags at the ready to put all the wrapping paper in as they rip open everything with their names on it…..


Christmas dinner was almost great. My turkey was moist and tender. Everyone enjoyed the meal except for my dad who of course is a connoisseur of everything. He is a very picky eater and even buying the wrong brand of potato’s to roast can ruin the meal for him.

(oh Hang on that was last year….. actually where my dad is concerned it’s every year)

This year was different the turkey, was dry and over cooked and when it was taken out of the roasting pan, fell to pieces… the pork was over cooked and the crackling was like wood.. Yep the chef cooked the meat.. not me I hasten to add……

The lovely Vickie peeled the veg and dinner was finally served at 4pm to a hungry and in my dads case half pissed table of people…. I have to say this is the worst Christmas I have had in a long time in the way of being prepared….. Only the Christmas cake has been baked… I have not even done mince pies or anything….. No Yule log made… I really haven’t felt up to all the usual preparations.. In fact I haven’t even had a drink all day…..  A tee total Christmas day….  There is a first……


On the plus side the boys have loved their presents and that’s the most important thing.

I’m planning to do roast beef and roast pork rather than goose for New Years Day, mainly because I don’t like goose much, Fingers crossed that meal turns out better than today’s…..

And Now I am sitting here thinking its 365 days until Christmas


Being me, I want to get organised and, more importantly, start thinking about the things that I can do and buy well in advance so I don’t feel like it all hits me in one lump. (Both expenditure-wise and work-wise). And the whole process starts all over again.



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