Suffering the consequences of buying kids games for Christmas…….

Have your kids ever forced you to play board games or card games?

ok that word “force” seems a little too strong but you get the drift..

they’ve just “strongly encouraged” you to play a family board game when you weren’t interested.

if so then you only have yourself to blame because chances are you have bought these games for them, and if we didn’t buy them for our child then someone else has as a present and of course we all know what time of year they get them… Christmas of course…

Now our problem is we have in the past bought the usual classics such as Cludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, even things like Chess, backgammon, domino’s, the usual games compendiums,

Last year we were stupid enough to buy that logo game plus a few others… the result is we have a cupboard full of “Family Games” and a pile on top of our wardrobe… and that’s where they stay for most of the time… :mrgreen:


Some of the games we have bought because we remember them from our childhood, others are ones Alex or the girls have asked for in the past.


The worst time I think when we play board games is usually when playing new games for the first time – games the boys aren’t familiar with yet. They don’t know what they’re getting into. and of course they cheat, in any way shape or form… Plus while its easy trying to explain the rules to a complicated game to a 8 or 9 yr old it’s not that easy to a 6 yr old.. especially a 6 yr old who is autistic.. 😳

For that reason alone… This year I swore I would not buy any board games for them for Christmas.


We did however get them a Subbuteo it’s the kind of present you have to buy your son because you had one as a child and want to re live your own childhood….. because in this day and age you can guarantee that it will be out and played once…… because once is enough for a  child born in the Noughties  to realise just how boring it really is………. 🙄


Anyway with the exception of the Subbuteo I thought we had it cracked this year…… What I hadn’t banked on was that someone else would buy them a game……….


So today… the day after boxing day… we have been making the odd experiment with the mad scientist set that Alex had been given He loves those kinds of things it’s the Geek in him lol , and been playing, Said Subbuteo, (see picture above)

DSCN5966 DSCN5975 DSCN5984

And what can only be described as a modern-day version of “Frustration” only Angry birds space style..


and then they wanted to play the old games in the cupboard…… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Arrrggghhh I am all gamed out…………..

Dont get me wrong… I enjoy the odd board game and when the boys get a little older or we can convince some other adults to join in, we have some cool games and even some amusing games… which are a great laugh when you have friends over… especially if there a few couples, or 5 or 6 people,

No not that type of game ….. well actually yes I do have one or two of that type but Allan and I save those to play when we are by ourselves 😈








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