Stuffed to the Gills……………..

 Christmas  holidays excess……..

No Thanks, I’m Full. Really. In fact can I just have something like some ham salad hey if we can’t go healthy what about something simple like beans on toast….

I have eaten more comfort warming food like stews, cottage pies etc and rich foods in the past  three or four weeks or so, and I still have one or two  more days to go! New years day is always another huge roast with all the trimmings.

Between the holiday parties, cookies, chocolates, cake and rich foods that I normally do not eat, (seriously we don’t have this much rich and boozy food in our every day diet)

I feel bloated and toxic. Very toxic. More toxic than anything toxic you can think of.

my stomach is already on full alert. I already have a weight issue, and yes we have tried before and failed , we were not ready to diet yet, we never do start a diet for new years resolutions as they are doomed to fail from the start but after tonight, I am going on a full get rid of the toxins diet. (I have no real plan in mind except lots of water and healthier foods and go low fat). The cookies will be all gone, and the cupboards empty of anything that says “Merry Christmas”!


The joys of holiday living! Pass the Gaviscon !!

I am ready to start again and try to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle… I’m not mentioning the actual word diet because that will not happen for a while yet as Allan is not ready… but watch this space……..



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