What I got for Christmas

I’m not greedy I Don’t expect to see a Michael Kors watch, or a Louis Vuitton bag falling out of my Christmas stocking,


I have got used to the fact that I don’t get presents over the years. My ex never bought me a present in the whole time we were married……. Not for Christmas or birthday…. or any other time come to that matter……


If fact I think the last bit of jewellery that was bought as a present for me was a gold necklace by a very good friend of mine many many years ago long before I even met my ex…… I still have it and wear it constantly to this day…

Allan did get my buffet server for my birthday plus a bottle of Disaronno so I know that finances were limited, In fact he had no finances as I am in charge of the bank card,


So when I mentioned I will post a list of what I got for Christmas you didn’t need to panic… seriously it’s not long.


I got a lovely set of smellies (tried and tested already when I had a lovely long soak the other day)

I got a lovely new apron from my secret santa, They know me well by the look of it…. I have to say they also got the boys a little something and both the dogs. 🙂


My friend Leanne got me a lovely box of chocolates as well ,

And that’s it…….. yep…… total list of my presents..

Of course I always treat us to a present at Christmas, Something we want but would not generally buy for ourselves…….


Last year it was a new camera, This year we got a digital photo frame… granted I forgot to get a new SD card for it but that can be rectified soon.


I have however as mentioned the other day also got a present I bought for Amber, she has been telling us for a long time how she wanted a laptop for Christmas, finances didn’t spring to that… in fact even if we could afford it, I’m certain we wouldn’t be spending that much on a present for a nearly 20 yr old who pays £10 a week board… and has the rest of her money all to herself…. and can still manage to spend it in two days and borrow off us when cash is needed for important things like drink and clothes,


Anyway at the time we couldn’t afford a laptop so we got her a small tablet… the boys had a good 10inch one but hers was only a little 7inch one with a case. total cost I guess about £75

and this was on top of the £70 we had already spent on bits for her. Anyway a few days before Christmas, She was telling us how she had spent more on Christmas this year than ever before.. total cost… under £40 for everyone… and how next year she “Aint spending that much again”

so she is hardly the last of the big spenders……. having already spent quite a bit on her we sat and thought…… and then decided so it… she can have the other bits but I will keep the tablet as I wanted an ereader and it would do the job perfectly.


So Allan gave me the tablet for Christmas….

Just as well really because Amber had £50 for Christmas and when we said she could buy her own if she wanted… she decided that she don’t like the tablets and is going to save up for her own laptop….. because she wants to go on games on Facebook and apparently the tablet is no good for that..


So her loss my gain……





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