January giggles on You Tube. Im a daddy and I know it./ Super Mario Style

This month the boys have been playing two little clips none stop on their tablets that they got for christmas…

I have to admit they also made me laugh… My favourite is this one  I’m a daddy and I know it… This guy as well as being quite hot if you get my drift  must have a fantastic relationship with his kids.. you can see he really is a real Daddy………. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/j8xcBmj1sn8&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


and the other one is this one which is a take on Gangnam Style


Incy Wincy Spider….. We have joined the fan club.

I wouldn’t consider myself a lover of bugs in fact one of my pet hates is ants. 

However I have always had a fascination with spiders and scorpion’s.

I did at one point look into keeping them once , but being. Unsure if I could actually handle them I decided against it.

A Facebook friend of mine Sue , who I met on a reptile group told me about a group who have monthly meetings up  bobbing  village hall by us, in fact its the local hall where we go to vote,

so tonight we decided to pop along,  We went with David  and Charlotte and little Shelby~anne.   Ali and Alex were quite looking forward to going as well , I have to say both the boys were fantastic.. Ali really surprised me, ok he did his own thing and went round collecting raffle tickets but he said hello to Sue which is an achievement  in itself
we even won a couple of prizes on the raffle.

after an Hour there we were convinced, we got the membership forms and have joined, even the price is good its only.. £15 yearly for a  family membership and there are loads of events organised for the kids as well. So really looking forward to becoming part of the arachnid community.



Most importantly I held a spider I have always wanted a spider but always been wary of holding one.. hence the reason why I have never owned one before.  Not unless you count a little silver spider I had for my tongue bar… and I did have a lovely spider necklace but sadly that was stolen along with most of my other jewellery once.

I can’t believe I held a spider…… and not a little incy wincy one but a big mother fucker of a tarantula 🙂  and I want one or two I must get one now…. 🙂

This is like the one I held

This is like the one I held

Cant wait until the next meeting in February… we are already planning on where we are going to put a couple of spiders..  watch this space…

A cheap day out turned to be a cheap years worth of days out…..

A few weeks ago someone showed me a coupon that was posted on facebook to Wildwood  trust in Kent…



normally it would have cost us £32.50 to get in (family of 4, two adults and the two boys)  but this coupon gave us entry at £1 each but expired the end of January … yep £4  now you can’t turn that down and it’s not that far from us either. 

Now the problem was,  Freezing weather is not good to be dragging kids around looking at freezing animal, especially when its been snowing… So I was beginning to think we would never get the chance to make use of the coupon…  Until this last weekend, the temp has gone up and the snow and ice had all gone… we decided we would take the boys Sunday, Now being short on finances, we had enough to put some fuel in the car and a little spending money…  

So the plan  for Sunday was…
1:  Lie In…….. I mean we never get a lie in on Sundays because my dad is always around early, as he has his dinner with us… (we had warned him in advance that we were not doing a roast and we were taking the boys out)

2: Cook a nice fry up, well the boys had a couple of bacon sandwiches each and a cereal bar,  

3:  Get the dinner cooking in the slow cooker, the boys chose chicken in red wine sauce which was easy enough to mix up and throw in the slow cooker so all I had to do when it was dinner time would be to boil the pots and steam the veg..

4: wait for the rain to stop, It was hammering it down. about 11am it stopped and this huge yellow orb appeared in the blue sky above… Now was the time to leave,

So we donned our hiking boots, (hey this place is going to be muddy to say the least) and put the boys wellies on….  Coats and Camera’s oh and a couple of capri suns in my bag for the boys should they need a drink.

And off we go,  It’s about half hours drive away…  and we get in only to find out that once in for £4 for the lot of us… they are doing an offer on family tickets…  if you have already paid to get in you can get a family ticket for  £84 way out of our price range at the moment  however they are now doing a direct debit scheme… £7 a month and result the first three months were free so total cost was £63  and because its done by instalments its in our price range.   and that covers us for two adults and up to 6 children so we also put the girls names down, and Adam’s as well so if we go at any time than Jo would only have to pay for herself as I can get Adam in free.. 

Anyway all I can say is a great day was had by all  they especially loved the adventure playground and the drop slide…

Allan and I  had a cup of tea each, (the boys had their drinks that we took)  and all had a slice of cake and the boys had a small Cadburys dairy milk bar total cost £4   we also went in the gift shop and they got a lucky bag for £1 each and Alex got a bag of gemstones that he chose in a fill the bag thing for £1.99 and Ali had a stuffed snake… (He doesn’t do toys but seems to love stuffed things) again that was only a couple of pound.  So a very cheap day out as their bits came out of their Christmas money..

Now the boys are looking forward to half term when we can go back again that’s if we don’t get back there one weekend. .

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Goddess in the kitchen/Whore in the bedroom ~ Facebook strikes again..



I love Facebook, contrary to a lot of people’s belief’s I don’t actually spend hours on it.. .

I no longer play any games, I just don’t have the time or the patience any more.

My chat is turned off because I’m basically an unsociable cow …… Well off to everyone except one person

The real reason is I have a modest friends list of about 500/600  depending on how many I have offended at the time..

and I don’t have time to keep replying to people who pop up on chat and I don’t want to seem unsociable so If I remember unsociable all the time,

I am not being called an ignorant cow for not replying….  unsociable cow seems so much nicer lol

So If I don’t chat, I don’t play games what do I do on Facebook you ask,

Well I do talk to some friends via some “Secret Groups” I am a member of about 4  that I use on a regular basis

and I post stupid status updates… usually its random crap that comes to mind or I may see something that I think is highly amusing and worth stealing and posting.

and I post pictures…….. not your every day pictures but usually ones that I class as really funny

These pictures are posted on groups, usually with funny  names and I was sitting there tonight seeing pictures posted thinking I could do that.. I could start a page where I post silly pictures..  and they get reposted..

and so I have created a page… I guess its my alter ego really…. or will be as the only person who likes it is me but then it is only a few hours old and I haven’t publicised it like some shamelessly promote pages.
However feel free to like my page and share a pic or add them… its open at the moment…..   It will be interesting to see if this little project gets off the air..

What is my page called……..

Goddess in the kitchen/Whore in the bedroom

Dont ask me why It just seemed rather appropriate I guess and no one else as a page called the same, well I don’t think they do..

here is the link if you are interested..


I need all the help I can get honest lol


Full Moon………. a wonder to look at or creepy… you decide.



This evening Ali had a party to go to and on our way there I noticed that we had a full moon,  Anyway I’m sitting in the car googling and thought I would give you a little full moon lesson


A full moon will occur tonight or should I saw tomorrow morning as I am writing this on Saturday, anyway it’s Sunday 27th January 2013 04:38:24 am (GMT) for those who live in London. Although the full moon happens at the same moment every place around the world, our dates and time will differ due to our time zones.




A full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. It has many different names depending on the month it occurs in:


After the December solstice:

January – Old Moon, or Moon After Yule


February – Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, or Wolf Moon

March – Sap Moon, Crow Moon or Lenten Moon


After the March equinox:


April – Grass Moon, or Egg Moon


May – Planting Moon, or Milk Moon

June – Rose Moon, Flower Moon, or Strawberry Moon


After the June solstice:

July – Thunder Moon, or Hay Moon

August – Green Corn Moon, or Grain Moon

September – Fruit Moon, or Harvest Moon


After the September equinox:

October – Harvest Moon, or Hunter’s Moon

November – Hunter’s Moon, Frosty Moon, or Beaver Moon

December -Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon


But there’s also more than a scientific aspect of the full moon. Many believe in the folklore that the full moon offers a night of temporal insanity! For centuries the myth of a full moon was people became crazy leading to suicide, arson, violent crimes, labour, epileptic seizures and sleepwalker.


People believe that moon phases do affect our human behavior like the way it affects tides. If the phases of the moon could cause a bulge in the Earth’s crust then surely it could affect humans who are made of sixty percent of water.


Most scientists have determined that even if statistics show an incline in bad behaviour on days of the full moon, there’s no correlation or consistency.


Here are ten facts about the full moon you probably didn’t know:


1. The full moon occurs every 29.5 days; the duration of one complete lunar eclipse.


2. The chances of being bitten by a dog are twice as high during a full moon according to a study at Bradford Royal Infirmary, which reviewed 1, 621 cases of dog bites between 1997 and 1999. However, a study at the University of Sydney in Australia concluded there was no identifiable relationship.


3. The only month that can occur without a full moon is February.


4. A full Moon is considered unlucky if it occurs on a Sunday but lucky on a Monday or moon day.


5. The honeymoon is named after the full moon in June. As it fell between the planting and harvesting of crops this was traditionally the best month to get married.


6. Renaissance artists traditionally depicted the moon as a crescent rather than in its full phase.


7. It is only during a full moon that the dark side of the moon – the hemisphere on the opposite side to the sun – is completely dark.


8. The female menstrual cycle has long been linked to the full phase of the moon. One theory is that prehistoric men were more likely to go hunting during their womenfolk’s period because of taboos associated with blood. The most profitable time to hunt was during the full moon and the best way to convince the men to return with food was with the prospect of sex.


9. The full moon may appear round, but is actually shaped like an egg with the pointed end facing earth.


10. The moon is 10 times brighter when it is full than when it is in a quarter phase.


So those of you celebrating your full moon make sure you stay away from dogs!

“Full Moon”

When the thorn bush turns white that’s when I’ll come home
I am going out to see what I can sow
And I don’t know where I’ll go
And I don’t know what I’ll see
But I’ll try not to bring it back home with me

Like the morning sun your eyes will follow me
As you watch me wander, curse the powers that be
Cause all I want is here and now
But it’s already been and gone
Our intentions always last that bit too long

Far far away
No voices sounding
No one around me
And you’re still there
Far far away
No choices passing
No time confounds me
And you’re still there

In the full moon’s light I listen to the stream
And in between the silence hear you calling me
But I don’t know where I am
And I don’t trust who I’ve been
And If I come home how will I ever leave



It was fun while it lasted… the snow is snow more….

While the rest of the country is covered in a lovely white blanket… we here in Sittingbourne got only an inch or two… (story of my life but we wont go there today)

As I was saying…….

one day of very fine snow that seemed to take forever just to cover the ground… We took the boys to the local rec to go on their new sledges for a few hours…  by Monday morning  we were left with Ice and sludge..

that’s the problem, While I love snow I do hate the ice, the sludge and the idiots trying to drive in it…
We have  a fantastic school they have only ever closed for a few snow days in all the time the boys have been there.. so yes it was open on Monday… thankfully we have the landrover to use so driving wasnt a problem, once we got on the main roads they were clear anyway as the gritters had done their job…

so a few hours up the park and an hour or so in the garden and the snow has gone all but a few bits of ice and slush and maybe the odd well insulated roof with a smattering on… And that huge pile in the school car park where the snowplough shovelled it all into a corner…..

we keep getting promised more snow but as usually it always seems to miss us…………    Yet again Sittingbourne is shielded from the snow… while all around us gets it…  its like living in the Bermuda triangle of the winter world…

Fun in the Snow!  20th Jan 2013

Fun in the Snow! 20th Jan 2013

SAM_0067 SAM_0068 SAM_0081 SAM_0124 SAM_0128 SAM_0129 SAM_0134 SAM_0146 SAM_0169

First Snow 2013

While the majority of the country is under snow we in the south east of England  usually only get a few flakes of snow.
Living in Sittingbourne Kent,  We have the Isle of Sheppey  near us and the weather usually hits the island hard.. goes over the  estuary and kind of bounces over the top of Sittingbourne and hits down again just before Faversham.. we do tend to be protected by the island… hence our lack of snow when a lot of surrounding area’s get it.

This is my theory not actually a proven fact but hey its as good as any other reason I have seen for us not getting the same weather as other villages around us 😉
Anyway much to my sons delight and I hope there is more to follow… I think there will be as its still snowing slowly.

Maybe the boys can get some use out of the Sledges we bought ages ago if it carries on tonight… I think we have the park planned for the morning.

Come on just enough for a quick play and they you can melt away or better still the cold front could go down under… they need all the help they can get…
Spare a thought for those in Australia, who are having the hottest weather ever and losing their homes and now a life due to the bush fires…

One extreme to another personally I would rather have cold and snow… at least we can wrap up when its cold.. you can only strip off to a certain extent in the heat.. but either weather extreme there are always the vulnerable who are going to suffer… 😦

front garden as the snow starts falling……

Back garden fingers crossed we will have more in the morning