A Bowling we will go……

Check out our funky footwear

Check out our funky footwear

We went bowling today in Maidstone

Our first time taking advantage of two free games offered by the Housing association…

Apparently they do this every year but its the first time for us..


They had super-light kid bowling balls, and the lanes had gutter bumpers, so every shot was a winner, and the boys had great fun.

the gutter bumpers really make the difference between fun and not fun.

there was crazy lighting that changed colours every few seconds.

You didn’t really pay much attention to it… one quickly learned to tune it out… but the camera doesn’t, of course, so the lighting is wild and different in every shot and its very hard to take a picture because the lanes themselves were dark with the aforementioned funky lighting and just the pins at the end lit up…


this is a picture the ally have on their site… to show the lanes..


This is what they really looked like

This is what they really looked like



Surprisingly the boys actually did quite well and both beat me the first game…

Allan of course took it to a competitive level and had to win…….

But I held my own against him in the second game him winning by only 8 pins between him and Ali….

Guess who missed a few shots so Ali could be second..


Ali bowling into the dark… not easy for a nearly blind kid

Bowling with a Partially sighted autistic 6 Year old is pretty far removed from bowling that most people think of ….. And that showed in the way he bowled as well but he was determined not to use the frame supplied for little kids…..

and its even very far removed from bowling on the wii, Now that I am fine on, That I can win at …..


I have bowled quite a lot in my younger years in the states but I do confess this is the first time I have been ten pin bowling in the uk for about 15 years and even then it was only the once or twice…….. We have always take the boys duck pin bowling over at Leysdown and the size and weight of the balls very small in comparison to ten pin..

They enjoyed the day I think although Maybe two games was a little too much for them for the first time as both were complaining their arms hurt and wrists hurt halfway though the second game…

And the meal provided… chips and pizza was to be honest disgusting… a small microwaved pizza with a few fries… Neither of the boys touched it at all


But all in all a great day out…….



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