A change is as good as a rest.


When I had my bigger 4 bed house with huge front rooms and a huge kitchen and dining area I was always changing my furniture around and I mean always… every other week ,


This house especially in the front room I am slightly more restricted.. for a couple of reasons really…

1.  And most importantly Ali

I insist on Ali leaving his glasses downstairs at night… in the past they have been broken when he has dropped them on the bedroom floor and they have been stood on or he has fallen asleep with them on and they have been broken and twisted that way. So when he goes to bed the majority of the time I put his glasses by the pc in the corner of the room. so in the morning he knows exactly where to find them and makes his way there…. When I move things around he either walks into them, falls over them until he gets his glasses on and can see… and the other problem with Ali is he hates change (I’m told its all down to the fact that he is autistic) …… I mean anything out of the usual routine and it really throws him for six… Admittedly he is getting better with the little things now… Like I can buy something new and he wont go into a hissy fit about it… something that a few years back was a real problem.. right down to decorating and changing the colour of a room… or buying a new toaster could result in a major melt down…

Like I said he is getting better but moving furniture in the front room is asking for trouble.. last time I replaced the sofa’s and moved the wall unit.. we have meltdowns for over a week every time he walked into the room..


2. There are viv’s and fish tanks, huge dogs bed’s and the fact that the tv is bolted to the wall that I have to take into account so basically the only things I can really move now are a wall unit and two sofa’s and I am also limited as to what wall I can put the wall unit on.. I have a choice of two and that’s it.


But the problem is I just get tired of looking at the furniture the same way. Maybe its the change of the season that does it… I do admit in the summer it doesn’t matter that one of the sofa’s is in front of the window because I can open them and have a nice breeze through… In the winter when the temp drops it seems rather daft having the heating on full and all the heat coming from the radiator in the front room going straight into the back of the sofa..

I guess another reason is It is a good way to make a change in your life without spending a lot of money if any

So that brings us to Now.

For some reason the other day I decided that I had to have a change…… I had to move the furniture in the front room.

And yes we have….. now I remembered why I moved the wall unit to the other wall last year after Christmas…. We need to decorate… there were hand marks on the wall that would not wash out…… So the plan now is get some cheap paint and touch up the walls……. and maybe one day Allan will even get around to doing the gloss work as well.

Watch this space………




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