First Snow 2013

While the majority of the country is under snow we in the south east of England  usually only get a few flakes of snow.
Living in Sittingbourne Kent,  We have the Isle of Sheppey  near us and the weather usually hits the island hard.. goes over the  estuary and kind of bounces over the top of Sittingbourne and hits down again just before Faversham.. we do tend to be protected by the island… hence our lack of snow when a lot of surrounding area’s get it.

This is my theory not actually a proven fact but hey its as good as any other reason I have seen for us not getting the same weather as other villages around us 😉
Anyway much to my sons delight and I hope there is more to follow… I think there will be as its still snowing slowly.

Maybe the boys can get some use out of the Sledges we bought ages ago if it carries on tonight… I think we have the park planned for the morning.

Come on just enough for a quick play and they you can melt away or better still the cold front could go down under… they need all the help they can get…
Spare a thought for those in Australia, who are having the hottest weather ever and losing their homes and now a life due to the bush fires…

One extreme to another personally I would rather have cold and snow… at least we can wrap up when its cold.. you can only strip off to a certain extent in the heat.. but either weather extreme there are always the vulnerable who are going to suffer… 😦

front garden as the snow starts falling……

Back garden fingers crossed we will have more in the morning



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