Who Broke Facebook?

Those that know me well know that I’m rather partial to popping on and off Facebook whenever I get a few seconds to myself  😉    
well this evening while popping on for a few seconds… Honestly only a few seconds. … All of a sudden the blue bar at the top vanished……

Those few of you who have never used Facebook will have No idea what the hell I am talking about but those who are big fans of  Mr M Zuckerberg’s little website will know exactly what that little blue bar does…It really is quite important.

Now what I really want to know is.. ..

Who Stole it……..

The top of my FB page just disappeared and now I can’t log out!!!! What’s the problem, are they afraid I’m going leave again….

“FB really has gone too far with the “Hotel California” sibilance……

♫ You can check in any time you want, but you can NEVER leave ♫”

“What am I talking about  said that one person who has never been on Facebook…”

I will explain as best I can just  how  really really important that blue bar is.. …

The top blue bar is the bit that shows us where our notifications are…. the messages we have… home … and most importantly the part where we click on to log out
(that little start at the end on the right hand side of the blue bar)
Now not being able to log out is not a problem if  no one else uses what ever device it is that you use to go on Facebook,  However if it is shared  this can cause

Great problems   especially if someone other than yourself goes onto your Facebook account.
you then run the risk of being fraped..    some clever sod will leave a status…  usually something Highly amusing to everyone else and highly embarrassing to the person whose Facebook account it is.
while I am safe.. for a few reasons.. while the boys use the pc they do not go on facebook and also I use firefox and everyone else uses the IE browser……   However my step daughter always forgets to log out… I have been good so far but one day 🙄

Ahhh its back again… I went onto another page and then came back via my book mark..

Well that was the most 90 sec’s of fun FB has provided in a long time!!!!!!


Screenshot of my timeline and yes my little blue bar at the top has returned.




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