Goddess in the kitchen/Whore in the bedroom ~ Facebook strikes again..



I love Facebook, contrary to a lot of people’s belief’s I don’t actually spend hours on it.. .

I no longer play any games, I just don’t have the time or the patience any more.

My chat is turned off because I’m basically an unsociable cow …… Well off to everyone except one person

The real reason is I have a modest friends list of about 500/600  depending on how many I have offended at the time..

and I don’t have time to keep replying to people who pop up on chat and I don’t want to seem unsociable so If I remember unsociable all the time,

I am not being called an ignorant cow for not replying….  unsociable cow seems so much nicer lol

So If I don’t chat, I don’t play games what do I do on Facebook you ask,

Well I do talk to some friends via some “Secret Groups” I am a member of about 4  that I use on a regular basis

and I post stupid status updates… usually its random crap that comes to mind or I may see something that I think is highly amusing and worth stealing and posting.

and I post pictures…….. not your every day pictures but usually ones that I class as really funny

These pictures are posted on groups, usually with funny  names and I was sitting there tonight seeing pictures posted thinking I could do that.. I could start a page where I post silly pictures..  and they get reposted..

and so I have created a page… I guess its my alter ego really…. or will be as the only person who likes it is me but then it is only a few hours old and I haven’t publicised it like some shamelessly promote pages.
However feel free to like my page and share a pic or add them… its open at the moment…..   It will be interesting to see if this little project gets off the air..

What is my page called……..

Goddess in the kitchen/Whore in the bedroom

Dont ask me why It just seemed rather appropriate I guess and no one else as a page called the same, well I don’t think they do..

here is the link if you are interested..


I need all the help I can get honest lol



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