A cheap day out turned to be a cheap years worth of days out…..

A few weeks ago someone showed me a coupon that was posted on facebook to Wildwood  trust in Kent…



normally it would have cost us £32.50 to get in (family of 4, two adults and the two boys)  but this coupon gave us entry at £1 each but expired the end of January … yep £4  now you can’t turn that down and it’s not that far from us either. 

Now the problem was,  Freezing weather is not good to be dragging kids around looking at freezing animal, especially when its been snowing… So I was beginning to think we would never get the chance to make use of the coupon…  Until this last weekend, the temp has gone up and the snow and ice had all gone… we decided we would take the boys Sunday, Now being short on finances, we had enough to put some fuel in the car and a little spending money…  

So the plan  for Sunday was…
1:  Lie In…….. I mean we never get a lie in on Sundays because my dad is always around early, as he has his dinner with us… (we had warned him in advance that we were not doing a roast and we were taking the boys out)

2: Cook a nice fry up, well the boys had a couple of bacon sandwiches each and a cereal bar,  

3:  Get the dinner cooking in the slow cooker, the boys chose chicken in red wine sauce which was easy enough to mix up and throw in the slow cooker so all I had to do when it was dinner time would be to boil the pots and steam the veg..

4: wait for the rain to stop, It was hammering it down. about 11am it stopped and this huge yellow orb appeared in the blue sky above… Now was the time to leave,

So we donned our hiking boots, (hey this place is going to be muddy to say the least) and put the boys wellies on….  Coats and Camera’s oh and a couple of capri suns in my bag for the boys should they need a drink.

And off we go,  It’s about half hours drive away…  and we get in only to find out that once in for £4 for the lot of us… they are doing an offer on family tickets…  if you have already paid to get in you can get a family ticket for  £84 way out of our price range at the moment  however they are now doing a direct debit scheme… £7 a month and result the first three months were free so total cost was £63  and because its done by instalments its in our price range.   and that covers us for two adults and up to 6 children so we also put the girls names down, and Adam’s as well so if we go at any time than Jo would only have to pay for herself as I can get Adam in free.. 

Anyway all I can say is a great day was had by all  they especially loved the adventure playground and the drop slide…

Allan and I  had a cup of tea each, (the boys had their drinks that we took)  and all had a slice of cake and the boys had a small Cadburys dairy milk bar total cost £4   we also went in the gift shop and they got a lucky bag for £1 each and Alex got a bag of gemstones that he chose in a fill the bag thing for £1.99 and Ali had a stuffed snake… (He doesn’t do toys but seems to love stuffed things) again that was only a couple of pound.  So a very cheap day out as their bits came out of their Christmas money..

Now the boys are looking forward to half term when we can go back again that’s if we don’t get back there one weekend. .

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