Incy Wincy Spider….. We have joined the fan club.

I wouldn’t consider myself a lover of bugs in fact one of my pet hates is ants. 

However I have always had a fascination with spiders and scorpion’s.

I did at one point look into keeping them once , but being. Unsure if I could actually handle them I decided against it.

A Facebook friend of mine Sue , who I met on a reptile group told me about a group who have monthly meetings up  bobbing  village hall by us, in fact its the local hall where we go to vote,

so tonight we decided to pop along,  We went with David  and Charlotte and little Shelby~anne.   Ali and Alex were quite looking forward to going as well , I have to say both the boys were fantastic.. Ali really surprised me, ok he did his own thing and went round collecting raffle tickets but he said hello to Sue which is an achievement  in itself
we even won a couple of prizes on the raffle.

after an Hour there we were convinced, we got the membership forms and have joined, even the price is good its only.. £15 yearly for a  family membership and there are loads of events organised for the kids as well. So really looking forward to becoming part of the arachnid community.

Most importantly I held a spider I have always wanted a spider but always been wary of holding one.. hence the reason why I have never owned one before.  Not unless you count a little silver spider I had for my tongue bar… and I did have a lovely spider necklace but sadly that was stolen along with most of my other jewellery once.

I can’t believe I held a spider…… and not a little incy wincy one but a big mother fucker of a tarantula 🙂  and I want one or two I must get one now…. 🙂

This is like the one I held

This is like the one I held

Cant wait until the next meeting in February… we are already planning on where we are going to put a couple of spiders..  watch this space…


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