I have found the perfect soft toy for Ali

Every now and then you come across something that catches your eye and you sit there and think “you gotta be kidding” because you can’t believe anything like it was actually made, marketed and is wildly successful, but rarely you come across something that is all those things, and I’m going to tell you about it, when I stop crying and scratching my head.


Let me now introduce you now to Pee & Poo,  http://www.peeandpoo.com/
Not that you haven’t met before, but probably not in this way. Created by Swedish designer Emma Megitt as a college project, Pee & Poo became so amazingly popular that they have t-shirts and stuffed… no, not animals, (let’s just call them number one and number two, shall we?) better yet, t-shirts and plush pals were created to… um, cuddle with? They are meant to address body functions in an open and playful manner and have been an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Seriously?


Okay, I suppose they can be used for toilet training, or for adults who enjoy a little “potty” humour, ok what kid would actually really want one of these stuffed……erm toys you say..

Well the answer is MY KID.

Seriously as soon as I saw them I know Ali would love them  remember he doesn’t do toys but loves soft stuffed toys  , I saw these posted on the internet as just as stuffed poo and had to google and google until I found out where they came from (please no comments I didn’t mean like that) .. I mean where you buy it from . Anyway I posted the link on Facebook and straight away a close friend of mine said that would be right up her sons street……. and then my sister-in-law said her son would like it..

three other friends who I know via a Facebook group contacted me, all asking if I could find out a local stockist… yep their kids would love it to…. What is the common denominator between all these kids apart from the fact that they are a little strange because we know they would love the pee & poo soft toys… The fact that All are Autistic in some way… How weird is that… Anyway I found somewhere I can get them.. of eBay… (you gotta love that place)

so I have ordered a set and that’s another stocking filler put away for Christmas 2013 for Ali 🙂


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