The return of the de-clutter has appeared, the loft has loads of space.

A few weeks before Christmas a friend of mine was told her landlord wanted to re insulate the loft… she had 30  years of clutter up there… her house made mine look minimalist..  It took them two weeks and two empty bedrooms to get everything down and sort it all out ready to be done…

That got me thinking… we had stuff to go up in the loft but the loft was full right up… floor to ceiling  and that was just ten years worth of stuff, Anyway Allan recruited the help of a friend of ours to come over and help him gets stuff sorted up there..  

so David and Allan and I went up there the day before  yesterday and slowly moved things around… we had about 6 dvd players  4 video players… two old tv’s  old pc monitors and that was just a few bits…

Yes I know there is a fair amount of Christmas tree’s and decorations up there and of course our tents and loads of camping stuff.  and of course loads of other bits that were my mums but there was also a lot of stuff we didn’t even remember we had…

Why had we kept convector heaters that had a foot broken?  then we got to the baby stuff…  

Now I admitted to myself a few years back that I wasn’t having any more kids so did pass on all the baby equipment to a couple of friends who were having babies…   I kept a cotbed and the hexagonal room-divider /playpen for any future use by grandchildren.. however the one thing I have never been able to part with was baby clothes for some reason… bearing in mind some of the stuff every one of my children have worn.. I had a togs grey baby grow that  was even put on Michael for a few hours, so it’s very special…

Yes I confess I kept that and a few of the very prem stuff i had  that are now a couple of carrier bags full but  The Attic is now devoid of six huge fit to burst black bin sacks full of baby clothes… It may have taken me 26 years to part with some of the bits but the time is right….. Besides there is another special little girl who can wear them now and any little brothers or sisters she may have in the future.

It all went to Charlotte for Shelby~Anne  so in a way I guess i feel ok about it as I know it may seem weird but I will see them worn now…..  I feel like a chapter in my life has closed but I don’t actually feel bad about it…    Now after two tip runs full, boxes of stuff to freegle,  and a landrover full of stuff that went to David and Charlotte’s (along with the clothes) not to mention a land rover full of old tvs and stuff and old metal beds that went to Ambers boyfriend for scrap metal.
I was going to do a boot fair but really we just want it out the way asap… we have this huge space in the middle of the loft…… and I’m already planning on what can go up there now out of my way… the next step is declutter my room and then work on swapping the boys and Ambers room over…  so she is in the smaller room and they are in the bigger one..   this is work in progress but I am so impressed how much stuff I have convinced Allan to part with ..
So all the stuff that we have decided to keep is now stacked tidy on the sides and all the cardboard boxes were flat packed and Allan took them to the recycle point with the rest of the cardboard he has collected for the scouts… (will go into detail another day but he is now a scout leader and does all the driving of the scout van collecting paper and cardboard for the scouts to recycle and the money is split between the beavers, cub’s and scouts for any equipment they need) oh and I have a front garden fill to take up the tip…..

Watch this space……… soon this will no longer be the house of the hoarders we will be organised but with probably more stuff than anyone else lol


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