The Grim reaper was close by honest.

How can I feel so Ill that I felt like I was going to die last night 

I wouldn’t even go to bed on my own or stay downstairs on my own.

Allan kept saying while watching tv for me to go up and get in bed… 

 While I was lying on the sofa dozing on and off.

Then again later on when I said no I was going to bed he said ok then I will get the sleeping bag and sleep on the sofa…

Noooooooooooooooooo  I dont want to be on my own………. 

Seriously I swear In a dream I saw the Grim Reaper. It scared me so much I swear I honestly thought I was going to die which is weird as im not as Ill as I was a few years ago..

And today l feel kinda okish .
At least not totally ill one second freezing cold and shivering even with the heating on full and having a blanket   finally dozing off and then waking up and   burning up I had to stand outside in the back garden for a few mins

just to cool down … we then went to bed and I slept solidly until 7am

Now I’m just constantly tired, even getting up and making a cup of coffee is a major effort.. but at least got my hair sorted even  if it was a quick squirt on, rub around head and leave for half an hour then wash off home kit (I am not grey and I refuse to be grey) so I feel better after doing that  … but the rest of the day is chill day

And no I am not an attention seeking drama queen honest , I know these people who say they are really really ill and then you see them and they have a cough and a sniffle and beyond that are fine  they are just screaming for attention…. that is not me…

oh hang on… sod it……..  I feel like crap so everyone should know…… pmsl



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