Dreaming of a tidal wave coming

I don’t often remember my dreams I think I have had about two or three I remember in the last couple of years. 

but last night I woken up by a scary dream around three in the morning.


We were at the seaside in some kind of holiday flats…

I remember vividly we were on the second floor facing a road on the other side of the road was the sea, outside the flat was patio doors which lead onto a communal balcony, the weather was beautiful that day. there was me and the boys , we were watching the sea when I noticed that it started getting a bit rough……

Then all I can do is describe it as a tidal wave appeared before us it went dark and as it got closer to the building I was the first one who saw the tidal wave at the window coming to our way so I warned the boys about it and told them to get into the back rooms, it got really dark just before the tidal wave splashed down. But for some reason, the tidal wave didn’t hit us, we were above it as it came down, the windows were splashed by the spray but the downstairs must have been totally under water and hit by it..

In the distance I saw another wave coming towards us only this time a much bigger one, We were so scared. I can still feel how scared I was leaning against the door holding it shut and the shouting at the boys to stay away..

We couldn’t do anything. All we could do then was scream and set ourselves ready for that ill-fated death just as it went that familiar dark I saw a man trying to get into our door, I felt if I opened it to him the water would come rushing in and drown us all so I kept pulling it shut sorry but my boys came first……..

The wave hit way above us but the windows held the water back… it was pitch black then after the dark and then got lighter… I could see through the window again there was nothing out there but sand on the balcony outside our door.. the waves got calmer and within a few mins the sun was shining and the sea was back to normal … all but the look of devastation around..

I remember staying in our flat for the rest of the day before we left and came out to the sea front to see the devastation of the building we were in… every balcony and room had their windows blown out except ours.. That was when I must have woken up I was in a hot sweat and lay there for about an hour afterwards… I can still remember every detail vividly ……… weird or what…..
I don’t know if it has anything to do with being ill at the moment or if something else has triggered it.



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