Our New Additions, Simply Spiders

I am now the proud mummy to a Brachypelma vagans and a brachypelma auratum in other words a Mexican Red Rump tranchula and a Mexican Red Knee tarantula,

One is only incy wincy at the moment though and the other is not much bigger..

I have always had a thing for spiders although never held one before last month when I went to the local Invicta arachnid club meeting when I decided sod it I want to get one, anyway we went to the meeting again yesterday evening (its held the last Wednesday of every month) and because finances were very short this month, I had already said to Allan and the boys we couldn’t get one yet, so armed with enough cash to get the drinks and raffle tickets we went along.

I bought 3 strips of raffle tickets for a pound  (£) for the table raffle and two Australian raffle tickets (the way that works is the last ticket to be drawn wins the prize of £20).

Well we cleaned up 🙂 we won a dvd
and bottle of wine on the table raffle and ended up with two bottles of energy drinks because Charlotte won those and didn’t want them,

and  I won the Australian raffle (yay)  Sooooooooooooooooo

I went and spoke to someone who had some spiders for sale and to cut a long story short we  bought two spiders.

One baby one and one yearling, They are both ideal starter spiders and very easy to take care of so I’m told! 

I have to admit I was a bit dubious about handling them,  funny enough the big spiders I am ok with it was the little one that was bothering me. 

Anyway the problem was soon solved, as I was taking these pictures it ran over my hand and was quickly popped back into its pot..  

Mexican Red Rump Brachypelma vagans

Mexican Red Rump Brachypelma vagans

brachypelma auratum mexican red knee

abrachypelma uratum mexican red knee

This is what they will look like when they are grown up
Cool or what?

brachypelma auratum (mexican red knee)

brachypelma auratum (mexican red knee)

(Mexican Red Rump) Brachypelma vagans

(Mexican Red Rump) Brachypelma vagans


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